Outdoor Tile Ideas to Create Outdoor Living Space of Your Dream

Outdoor Tile Ideas to Create Outdoor Living Space of Your Dream

Are you looking for outdoor tile ideas to transform your outdoor living space? Modern tiles look fantastic and are a perfect material to add beauty and elegance to your patio, deck, pool, or dining area. Besides, they provide a functional space in your garden for parties, gatherings, and playtime.

When choosing tiles for outdoor areas, you should pay attention to the same aspects as when you choose indoor tiles. But there are some issues that you should keep foremost in mind:

  • Outdoor tiles need to be strong and durable;
  • They should be able to withstand direct sunlight and a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions without getting damaged;
  • The slip-resistant texture is far more important in outdoor applications than it is for indoor wall or floor tiles.

Outdoor Patio Tile Ideas

Despite the tough criteria, there are lots of tiles that are perfect for outdoor spaces. Installing them, you can be sure of a stunning result.

Natural stone tiles are ideal for adding a unique look and a special tactile element to exterior surfaces and flooring. Their natural rustic finish creates wonderful spaces.

Slate tile features earthy hues and is one of the better choices for natural stone tiles in outdoor patio locations. With their uneven surface, slate tiles are slip-resistant and offer a natural and organic look.

Granite is a high-end, premium paving material. Granite tiles are available in a wide range of colors, from striking white to moody black.

Quarry tiles are extremely dense, hard-wearing, and durable and have a unique Mediterranean feel. They come in a variety of shapes, so you can create interesting and eye-catching patterns.

Porcelain tiles are very well suited for exterior use due to their strength and density and are a popular alternative for stone and concrete. And they are super stylish too.

Applying tiles to a patio is a great option that may give you a lot of outdoor patio tile ideas. But keep in mind that your patio should blend in the overall look of the landscape and your house. That's why you should select tiles in colors and textures consistent with the overall look of your property.

Outdoor Wall Tile Ideas

Tiles can make even a plain garden or patio outdoor wall look more finished and attractive. Nearly any type of tile can be used on an exterior wall, including porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, or glass, as long as they are rated for exterior use.

And what about outdoor wall tile ideas? You can choose from a variety of colors from the muted natural tones of porcelain, marble, or other stone tiles to colorfully designed pieces such as Mexican tiles. Wall tiles in neutral tones like brown, black, and grey, work well with any palette. They can look both traditional and modern, depending on the type of pattern you choose.

Outdoor Tile Flooring Ideas

When choosing floor tiles for an outdoor area, you should consider the function of the space. Numerous flooring choices range from rustic cobblestones to deck planks and elegant tiles. Outdoor tile flooring ideas offer limitless possibilities for landscaping because tiles come in so many colors and textures that it's easy to achieve any look.

Patio floor tiles, and specifically, porcelain exterior tiles, are often even more durable than natural materials like stone and wood, so you can really get the best of both worlds. Here are some design ideas:

  • Lay tiles of contrasting colors in a diamond pattern;
  • Install accent tiles to create a border;
  • Use smaller tiles in a mosaic pattern as a focal point.

Outdoor Porcelain Tile Ideas

Porcelain tiles can give you not just a natural stone look but a gorgeous, realistic wood look as well. A popular option is carpet-look porcelain tile that can add a cozy feeling to any outdoor space. You can easily set porcelain tiles on grass, sand, or gravel.

Here are some interesting outdoor porcelain tile ideas:

  • Create a classic look using a range of whites or black/grey coloring with effects including travertine and quartz;
  • Get creative with tile layout and install tiles of neutral colors in a herringbone pattern or use contrasting colors to create a checkerboard design;
  • Install colorful patterned tiles;
  • Combine different porcelain tiles of different sizes to create a mosaic effect.

Outdoor Kitchen Tile Ideas

An outdoor kitchen is a great place for entertaining during the warm months, and if you choose the right kitchen tiles, it can also dramatically improve your backyard or patio space. No matter the décor of your outdoor kitchen, you can find beautiful tiles that suit your style and can easily implement any outdoor kitchen tile ideas.

Ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles are perfect for an outdoor kitchen backsplash. You can use one solid color, create a checkerboard pattern with two contrasting colors, or create a mosaic-style backsplash using several different colors.

Natural stone tiles will give your kitchen an opulent feel or a rustic vibe, depending on the material you choose. Slate tiles are ideal for rustic or ultra-modern décor. Prefer sophisticated aesthetics? You can add a marble island and backsplash.

Modern tiles open up a world of possibilities for your outdoor spaces. They allow you to create stunning designs that would be impractical with other hardscaping materials.  At Stone and Tile, you can find a huge selection of outdoor tiles that will allow you to create a beautiful outdoor space with its own unique charm. Explore our tile collections today!

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