Stair Nose Installation: Easy Tips

Stair Nose Installation: Easy Tips

When installing vinyl or laminate flooring in your house, you'll also need to install stair nose profiles on the stairs to protect the edges of the treads from damage. Stair nose molding combines style and function to create an attractive look and make the stairs safer, helping prevent people from slipping off the step.

In this short stair nose installation guide, you'll find some key tips and instructions on how to install a stair nose with a floating floor that can be helpful if you decide to do it yourself. And at our store, we also offer a broad selection of vinyl stair nose molding and wood flush stair nose molding that will enhance the beauty of your stairs.

How to Install Stair Nose with Floating Floor: General Recommendations

Keep in mind that nosing usually goes on after you've installed the risers and you've finished laying flooring on the steps. Still, you might want to install stair nose moldings first when you are installing laminate or engineered wood floors at the top of the stairs. This way, it will act as a border for the edge of the floor and make the flooring installation easier.

How to Install Stair Nose: Step-by-Step Instructions

So how to install a stair nose with a floating floor? Here are essential steps for installing stair nosing safely and properly:

  • Before you begin installing your stair nosing profiles, you should prepare the surface first. Make sure that the step is smooth, sturdy, and clean.
  • Measure your step carefully using a tape measure and cut stair nosing to size using a hand saw or tin snips.
  • Lay the flooring on the stair treads and install the risers with their top edges just shy of the surfaces of the stair treads.
  • Dry fit the stair nose and make sure you have a good fit. To attach the molding, apply one or two 1/4 inch beads of construction adhesive to the subfloor. Set the molding in place and push it down to make a good glue bond.
  • Nail down the nosing with three or four 2-inch finish nails to hold it in place while the glue sets. You can do it with a nail gun or a hammer. Finish the nails with color matching color filler.
Follow our tips on how to install stair nose profiles, and be sure to install them on all of the steps because steps are the safest when they are identical.
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