Stair Nose

The main purpose of stair nose profiles is to improve the safety of the staircase, making walking up and down the stairs more comfortable, so it’s an integral part of staircase design. It can also help protect your treads from damage and general wear. Our stair nosing profiles will define and protect steps in laminate, wood, and tile.

  • Timeless Barnboard VHST2-00194
  • Pantheon Hd Plus Temporale VSST6-00578
  • Distinction Plus French Oak VFSN3-00257
  • Marina VFSN2-02014
  • Pantheon Hd Plus Orso VSST6-00794
  • Imperial Beech VHST2-00185
  • Pantheon Hd Plus Orso VFSN5-00794
  • Pantheon Hd Plus Tufo VFSN5-00589
  • Pantheon Hd Plus Saggio VFSN5-00159
  • Grey Chestnut VSSN1-07062
  • Lighthouse VFSN2-05091
  • Prodigy Hdr Plus Lagom FS8NS-05103
  • Prodigy Hdr Plus Hygge FS8NS-02025
  • Want to install luxury vinyl plank flooring on stairs? Stairs are a big concern for homeowners when it comes to flooring because they are inherently hazardous by their very nature. You don’t want any exposed edges or odd connection points. To overcome this issue and reduce the risk of slip and falls on stairs, you need stair nose molding.

    Stair Nose Molding

    Stair nosing profiles, as well as end cap threshold, significantly contribute to safety when selected correctly. Most stair nose moldings either have ridges or an anti-slip property on the tread portion of the profile. That gives you a solid, sturdy surface to step on instead of the slippery finish of vinyl or floor tiles. Besides, you shouldn’t forget about the visual impact of a stair nosing that helps differentiate the edge of the step from the rest of the tread portion.

    Stair nose moldings also provide a great aesthetic finish to the step. You can find stair nose moldings in just about any color, finish, size and shape. No matter if you want to match the flooring or contrast it, you will have no problem finding that “just right” accessory for your project.

    Floor moldings and stair nose profiles are a necessity to complete any residential or commercial flooring project. Whether you are transitioning between two different rooms in your home, or between two different types of flooring, floor moldings are essential to finishing your new floor with a great look.

    At Stone and Tile, we offer a large selection of high-quality vinyl stair nosing in a wide range of profiles, and other types of vinyl trim molding that are available in various styles, looks, sizes, and shapes to accommodate the best fit. Many of our products have a waterproof core and are ideal for wet areas of your home, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Our moldings are sure to give a luxurious finish to your beautiful floor.

    Our molding makes the perfect choice to add a finishing touch to your glue-down vinyl plank flooring or other types of flooring. Stair nose moldings are designed to simplify the transition process when installing luxury vinyl tile or carpet tile on stairs. Stair noses can also be used for open balconies or step-downs in an open concept space.

    Stair Nose Trim

    Vinyl moldings are durable, water-resistant, and a versatile solution for your flooring projects, and they are also easy to install. Vinyl stair nose trim is available in a variety of sizes and styles, including profiles with wood, fabric, and stone look. It is designed for versatility and beauty, so it can accommodate a wide range of floor thicknesses.

    Stair nose trim combines style and function to enhance the beauty of a staircase or step. Stair nose trims will lend your stair a beautiful finish. They also minimize the scuffs, scratches, and stains that mar the surface. Stair nose trims take the brunt of the wear and tear and prolong the lifespan of your stairs, therefore, minimizing your maintenance costs.

    Vinyl Stair Nose

    Vinyl stair nose profiles will help protect the stair edge from breaking or becoming damaged, meaning your flooring will last for longer. It will also enhance the overall beauty of the staircase. You can choose between vinyl flush stair nose that creates a smooth and flush finish on the edges of your step and overlapping stair nose options that overlap the flooring on the back end instead of being flush.

    Vinyl stair nose profiles that we offer are designed to look attractive while protecting and covering the edge of your steps. They protect the edge of a step, where the most wear is experienced from foot traffic, and cover up any seams. They are available in a variety of styles, are highly versatile, and can resolve all sorts of flooring issues where an exposed or ugly hard floor edge needs covering up.
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