The A to Z of Granite in Modern Construction

The A to Z of Granite in Modern Construction

Granite is a remarkable stone that can be used in almost any renovation project. Not only does it glitter in sunlight but it can last for decades without wear & tear. Any modern homeowner can upscale a building’s value with contemporary granite finishes.

But what is granite and why is it such a great construction material? We’ve listed everything you need to know about this versatile natural stone. On top of this, we’ve suggested some uses of tile and granite to inspire your creativity. Are you ready to learn the A to Z of granite in modern construction?

What is Granite?

Granite is a type of igneous rock that forms below the earth’s surface. It’s made from crystal granules such as quartz and feldspar, which gives it a beautiful shimmering appearance.

Because its sustainable and granite mining practices are ecological, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use in renovation projects. On top of this, it has a variety of uses.

Properties of Granite

Granite is special because it has many purposeful properties that make it ideal for construction. Here are a few of the ones that make it so useful.


The interlocking crystals in tile and granite mean that the grain of the stone is clearly visible. As a result, each tile is different with its own unique patterns. The crystal also gives granite a stunning shiny effect. On top of this, it’s available in many different natural colors. You can even get variegated finishes such as:


The materials that granite is made from tend to be quite hard which gives it increased durability. In fact, it’s one of the strongest natural stones you can use in construction. As a result, it lasts for decades and also handles large amounts of strain. Many buildings and landmarks have been built from granite because of its durability & longevity.

Water & Heat Resistant

Granite is formed from cooling magma and as a result, it can resist high temperatures. It’s also not very porous which means that it resists mold and water damage. Although it is resistant to an extent, it’s still important to seal granite properly during construction as water and bacteria can still get into pores despite how small they are.

Stain & Scratch Proof

Granite is one of the strongest stones available which means that it’s very difficult to scratch. By using tile and granite in your project, you’re ensuring that the finished design will still retain its look without wear & tear for many years to come.

On top of this, it isn’t damaged by acidic stains as long as it’s sealed properly.

Uses of Granite

Now that you know why you should use granite in your next modern construction project, here are a few ideas of how you can use it.

Note that this list is limited. There are many more ways you can incorporate granite into a home as long as you’re creative. Hopefully, these ideas will encourage you to find even more ways to transform your project.


Countertops are one of the most common uses for tile and granite. This is because granite has the same sophisticated feel as marble but it’s a lot sturdier. Because it’s heat resistant, you don’t have to be too concerned about counters being damaged by hot pots. It’s also unlikely to be tarnished by knives.


Flooring is one of the more unique ways of using tile and granite. Spreading granite throughout a room immediately upscales the space. With a variety of shades and patterns to pick from, every room retains its individuality. On top of this, the tiles are less likely to be scratched and won’t lose their beauty because of heavy furniture.


If you really want to impress your clients or your guests, why not consider using tile and granite on the walls? Lighter tiles make the room feel more open while orange or red tones create a warm family space. You can even use highly decorative granite tiles to create an exceptional accent wall that ties the interior design together.


Sometimes, a small splash of granite has an impact. By using tile and granite for backsplashes, you can create a modern kitchen space.

You can even pair the backsplash with different colored granite countertops to have more of an effect. Not only does granite look remarkable, but because it’s water resistant it protects walls as well and prevents the growth of mold.


Although granite may crack if there are sudden changes in temperatures, it’s melting point is 2300°F. Generally, its heat resistance is 1200°F. For this reason, granite makes stylish fireplace hearths & mantels.

Because granite is so aesthetically pleasing, you can use it to make your fireplace a centerpiece that’s practical as well.


Another way to incorporate granite into a room is by using granite furniture. You can include a granite dining table in the kitchen or even go for something as simple as a coffee table in the living room. The options are endless.

Granite is easy to clean and stain resistant which means that granite furniture will have more longevity than many other materials.

Bonus Design Tip

Straight-laced tiles do have a sophisticated edge but if you’re aiming for a look that’s different, why not try mosaic? Granite tiles are so variegated that you can create breathtaking mosaic designs both indoors and outdoors. With tile and granite, you can even create images that are meaningful to you or your clients.

Final Thoughts

Every modern project should incorporate granite in some way. This stone looks beautiful and retains its appearance for decades so you won’t have to replace it as long as you look after it. Design projects will be rejuvenated with only a touch of this natural stone.

It’s the amalgamation of natural and contemporary. How are you going to use granite in your next modern construction project?

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