The Many Faces of Granite in Construction

The Many Faces of Granite in Construction

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom you’re looking to renovate, granite tiles are an opulent way to elevate the look & feel of a home—while increasing the value thereof too. As an agent of construction, your job is to sell your clients the best options. Granite tiles are a great way to show off style, and we have a bunch of great options to choose from.

There are many faces to the world of granite tiles, and each one brings its own uniqueness to any home. So whether your client is keen on 12 x 12 granite tiles for their bathroom, or something a lot larger for a kitchen, take a look at the most popular ranges available today.

Bathroom Facelifts

The first rooms your client will get sold on this concept are the bathrooms. There’s something fresh about having a layer of riverwashed granite tiles over the floor, shower and shower wall of a high-end bathroom.

We’d highly recommend a highly neutral option among the countless 12 x 12 riverwashed granite tiles available today. It goes well in a bathroom because of its calming effect and color. It’s the perfect way to transform an existing bathroom or create a new one.

Kitchen Opulence

Kitchens are another high selling point for granite tiles. Your clients will be impressed with your suggestion—especially if you show them images like the one below.

We love this example of granite tiles for a kitchen floor. The finish of 24 x 24 honed granite tiles in absolute black elevate the look and feel of this kitchen in ways no conventional tile ever could.

Homeowners want a kitchen that is visibly opulent while still being easy to clean. A granite covered kitchen is a great way to show off a high-end finish that serves as the perfect facelift for any kitchen floor.

Limitless Home Décor Options

When discussing granite tile options with your clients, don’t feel limited to the floor only. We’ve put together three other ideas for granite surfaces that won’t cost as much as whole granite slabs.

Mixing Up Your Granite Tile Sizes

As you will notice, mixing up larger sizes with smaller ones is a great way to add a touch of uniqueness to a bathroom or kitchen area. Enjoy a blend of 12 x 12 riverwashed granite tiles with larger ones placed in a gorgeous pattern to create a completely new design. It definitely goes to show that there are no limitations to what you can do with this versatile product.

Matching Up Different Types of Granite Tiles

Since there’s a subtle difference between flamed granite tiles and the honed variety, it’s a great idea to mix up different finishes to show your versatility as a construction expert and décor advisor.

The varying finishes contrast each other in a way that can texturize your client’s floor surface—whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, shower or on a wall.

Wall and Counter Top Tiling

Kitchen countertops don’t necessarily need granite tops to have a granite surface. As seen in the image below, some kitchens do well with 18 x 18 polished granite tiles as a replacement for conventional granite tops.

Can you think of anyone who wouldn’t love this kind of look in their kitchen? And just think how nicely the counter matches up with the wall! We think this option is simply mesmerizing.

Polished granite tiles add a smooth finish to a kitchen working area—so don’t limit your client to using granite tiles on the floor only.

Another viable option that will blow your customers and their guests away is wall tiling for a kitchen or bathroom. Again, you can mix and match to go for something unique, or simply go with a more conventional design. Here’s an example of these tiles on a kitchen wall:

Moving on to the Rest of the House

But why stop at bathrooms and kitchens? The best décor experts know that granite tiles are super versatile. Suggest this amazing finish on passage walls, foyers and especially patios or balconies to enhance other areas of the home.

Look at this example of a balcony with two different colors of 24 x 24 granite tiles and imagine being a part of this type of amazing construction.

Foyers are also perfect candidates for the look and feel granite tiles provide, as you’ll soon discover when you try this option. The entire entrance of your home can give off an amazing feel of warmth and luxury simply because of the covering and texture of these elegant 18 x 18 flamed granite tiles.

Outdoor Granite Tiles

Let’s move outside of the home now and consider the effect of outdoor granite tiles. Outdoor entrance areas and open patios will benefit greatly from this awesome product.

Ignite your client’s imagination with these concepts and watch the transformation begin as they latch on to the idea of elegant floor options that are a little out-of-the-box.

Think of the impression an outside entrance will make for guests when they arrive across a granite-tiled floor surface that screams, WELCOME like the example below.

Another suggestion you can include in your list of ideas is garden and pool granite options. A good example is of 18 x 18 granite tiles which work perfectly to enhance a home’s garden area.

Or another option with honed granite tiles surrounding a swimming pool. Your clients will love the concept and can play around with tons of ideas when it comes to enhancing their outdoor guest areas.

Your designation is more than simply construction. You’re the one with all the ideas. You know what works and what enhances a home to the point where homeowners can sit back and truly feel content with their surroundings.

So take some of these ideas and run with them. Be original, be versatile and be inventive. Get your clients’ minds running with amazing ideas and enjoy your part in transforming their houses into homes!

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