Absolute Black Granite Tile - Flamed

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Also referred to as Absolut Black.
  • Black with natural shades of charcoal and tan

  • Uniform and consistent in pattern

  • A hardworking stone, known for its resistance to wear and tear

  • A flamed finish creating a rough texture

  • Works perfectly as flooring, both interior, and exterior

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Product Info

    Also known as Nero Absolute or Jet Black granite, this stone comes in the deepest of black colorings. Unbeatable for the depth of its shade, it' a tile providing the ultimate in monochrome, perfect for contrasting with light kitchen units, metallic faucets, and pale textiles. Widely regarded as the 'best black' on the market, it is classic in its design, perfect for both modern and traditional homes.

    The stone is naturally uniform, with little in the way of mineral deposits or imperfections. It is highly consistent in texture and pattern. Originating from quarries in Southern India, it is a world-renowned and highly popular stone for use inside the home, and out.

    One of the most durable stones available, its perfect for use in bustling family homes. It is highly resistant to staining and incredibly long-lasting. If you're looking for a tile which can stand the test of time, Absolute Black granite is the perfect choice.

    Rough in texture, these tiles are finished by a process known as flaming. The stone is blasted with a high temperature which causes the surface to burst and blister. This creates a uniquely textured feel. The final effect is a muted black, with elements of charcoal and tan.

    Its natural, stony face makes it perfect for use on floors, both interior, and exterior. The tile is more slip-resistant than a traditional smooth surface, which can become dangerous when wet. This makes it perfect for use in areas where water may occur. It's also perfect for high-traffic areas, as it is easy to maintain, and does not lose its finish through wear and tear.

    These tiles will create the classic black stone effect that granite is famed for. They are elegant and timeless, a stone which cannot be matched for its ability to blend with almost any design. Whether you're aiming for a high-end look, or want to give your room that homely feel, Absolute Black Granite just works.

    Consistent and uniform, you know what you're getting - a highly dependable tile which works hard for your family.