Dark Green Marble Tile - Polished

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  • Dark green, with a stunning sea green veining

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  • Polished, high-shine finish

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    Opulent and inviting, this Dark Green Marble will make your home feel totally luxurious. Its deep green color is marbled with a lighter, sea green veining. In parts, it looks as if the dark hue has been shattered, just like a mirror, revealing the paler tone underneath, in others the veining it subtle, just like a cracked leather. Each tile is wholly unique. The patterns of two tiles can never be matched as each slab quarried from the earth is as different from the next as two old oak trees. This is the charm of a natural stone, you are getting your own little piece of the wild earth.

    Marble is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful stones on the market. It has been used by sculptors and architects alike for hundreds of years, creating some of the most revered structures. Some of these pieces of art are still around today, including several of Michelangelo's famous constructions, a testament to marble's durability. It's also an incredibly temperature resistant stone. Even on the most scorching of summer days, it will stay cool and refreshing, and in freezing climates, it is unlikely to crack or split.

    A polished finish is achieved by buffing the surface of the stone continually. The laborious process removes a small layer of the stone in order to create a brilliant shine. The effect is a highly reflective surface that boasts a glossy sheen. Where dark colors can often absorb light, making a room feel gloomy and drab, a polished finish achieves the opposite. It bounces light around the room, adding to the feeling of space.

    A polished Dark Green Marble is the ideal tile for kitchen or bathroom walls and backsplashes. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, providing the perfect accent wall amongst your luxurious interior, but it can be easily cleaned. The surface is totally smooth, with no bumps, ridges, or grooves, meaning there is nowhere for the dirt to hide. The surface can be easily wiped clean with a soft cloth to bring its stunning colors back to life.

    The color of a Dark Green Marble is a magnificent sight. Its rich tones take center stage in an interior design. It's perfect for pairing with white or black walls and furniture to achieve a put-together, high-end feel.

    Create a feature wall or backsplash in your kitchen by pairing it with a white, matte effect kitchen unit to contrast its glossy sheen. Add accents of gold for a totally lavish design that will have your home feeling like a million dollars. Alternatively, create a more masculine effect by pairing it with dark wooden cupboards and a black granite worktop. Keep the rest of your design simple, and let Dark Green Marble do all the talking.