Montauk Black Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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Also referred to as Brazilian Black
  • Deep black color palette

  • Suitable for almost any location

  • Incredibly durable material

  • Contemporary classic design

  • A great investment stone

  • Natural cleft face

  • Gauged back

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Product Info

    Montauk Black slate, or as its also widely known, Brazilian Black slate, is one of the darkest stones on the market. Famous for its captivatingly deep color palette, it acts as the perfect base for a huge variety of designs. Add depth to your interior by incorporating Montauk slate to your design, and your room will feel effortlessly styled. The overall color is a consistent black, but there is slight tonal variation within each tile, capturing the stone's natural origins. As always, each tile is unique, but this stone is fairly monochrome and therefore it makes for a reliable design. However, slate is a fine-grained stone and therefore there are no large veins or crystals to break its seamless hue.

    To achieve the deepest of black colorings, we recommend sealing this slate with a stone protectant. Not only will this blacken the stone, giving you the rich design you're looking for, it will also help to protect the stone from stains and moisture damage. In general, slate is a pretty hardwearing stone. It is often used for roof tiles for its ability to resist all weathers. Therefore, your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway floor are unlikely to give slate any cause for concern. It is suitable for high traffic areas of the home and can, of course, be used for external applications such as driveways, front porches, and patios.

    These slate tiles have a natural cleft face, a finish that is created by the formation of the stone over thousands of years and cultivated after the quarrying process. Slate is created by altering conditions imposed upon shale or mudstone underground. These changes cause the minerals to harden to form a solid rock. Therefore, slate is naturally layered, making it the ideal stone for tiles. It is cleaved along these fault lines into slabs, which are then cut to shape. A natural cleft face is the resulting texture - bumps, grooves, and ridges intact.

    Not only does a natural cleft face have a beautifully rustic design, it also comes with numerous functional benefits. For example, the textured surface has much more traction than a smooth or polished finish. This is great for areas of the home such as bathrooms and hallways that are likely to experience dampness on the floor, and therefore are more likely to become slippery.

    The deep black color palette of Montauk Black slate is perfect for achieving a sleek contemporary design. Pair it with a bright white bathroom suite to create a bold contrast, or gloss white kitchen cabinets for a stand-out effect. A monochrome design is timeless in every way and is loved by all tastes. This makes it ideal for those who are looking to flip a house or simply add value to their new home. It's a great investment piece as it appears incredibly high-end, whilst maintaining a very reasonable price point.

    Brazilian Black slate can even be used for external applications. Why not create a stunning porch, patio, or driveway that will look totally natural yet sophisticated and contemporary?