Discover The Flexibility And Versatility Of Flexco Flooring

Flexco is a top name when it comes to flooring options, and the huge collection we have here at Stone & Tile means you can find everything you want all in one place. Flexco has hundreds of rubber tiles to choose from for your home, as well as luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles in a range of colors and styles. What’s more, there are thousands of moldings and trims to complement these looks so you can guarantee getting that perfect finishing touch every time to your interior decor.

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    An exceptional choice for those looking to combine all of the best aspects of flooring - style, comfort and durability. Rubber tiles are highly resilient to damage which makes them a great option for both residential properties and commercial settings too. Not usually employed on a large scale throughout the home as there are so many options such as vinyl plank, vinyl tile, engineered hardwood and porcelain or ceramic tiles, however they do have their place. 

    Flexco rubber tiles have excellent shock absorbing qualities which sets them apart from other flooring options when it comes to areas with very high foot traffic, for example, workshops, home gyms, games rooms, rec rooms and so much more. Not only do these specialist rubber tiles provide a cushioned and soft surface compared to tile and wood, they also reduce injury for children falling over and offer an amazing amount of sound insulation especially when placed on upper floors. 

    Rubber tiles have come a long way as a flooring option, both indoors and outdoors, and today Flexco has a large range covering every kind of design, color and texture you can imagine, blending in well with other interior decor choices seamlessly. They benefit from being a low maintenance tile and don’t require much cleaning to maintain their great look. When you buy rubber tiles from Flexco, you can be assured of their longevity and performance over the years, and bring a fusion of classic design styles and functionality.  


    Vinyl tiles have quickly gained a solid reputation for bringing a high aesthetic appeal coupled with durability to any room, making them a great option for both residential and commercial business properties. Flexco vinyl tiles have the ability to mimic natural materials such as stone or ceramic, and often come with flecks of sparkle to add interest. They can even come with embossed surfaces to give a more natural look, especially when displaying a wood look or distressed look to add to the overall charm. 

    Vinyl tiles also come without the added challenges of maintenance and are water resistant too which makes them perfect for areas with high moisture such as bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms and kitchens. The size of these tiles also gives homeowners a larger degree of flexibility when it comes to creating eye-catching designs and intricate layout patterns. 

    Another advantage of Flexco vinyl tiles is their ability to transform a space quickly thanks to their easy installation which can be laid on top of a variety of underflooring. When you choose a top brand like Flexco, the vinyl tiles are guaranteed to be long-lasting and will resist wear and tear even in the areas of your home or business with high traffic. 


    From dark cherry to warming oak, Flexco’s luxury vinyl planks are synonymous with homes exuding sophistication and elegance. A functional flooring with many great qualities, these luxury vinyl planks have been designed to replicate hardwood flooring options, but maintaining the texture and warmth often associated with natural wood flooring. It does this without any of the drawbacks of hardwood flooring, starting with the comparable price but also extending to its resistance to moisture and inability to be scratched. 

    It’s a good choice where traditional hardwood flooring is not the best option, for example in basement and garage conversions. These planks are manufactured in multiple layers which not only ensure stability and safety underfoot, but also provide good heat retention and sound insulation too. Installation is made as easy as possible with a simple locking system, so luxury vinyl planks can be laid in much less time than hardwood flooring or tile flooring. 

    With a range of styles and colors, you have the ability to create your ideal home design with a flooring that looks fantastic, elevates the space, and also stands the test of time thanks to its superior durability. 


    Get excellence in every detail of your home thanks to the complete range of Flexco moldings and trims we offer here at Stone & Tile. Thousands of different accessories are available to complement your flooring solution whether you opt for vinyl tile, luxury vinyl planks or rubber tile. 

    All of Flexco's molding and trim accessories are crafted from high-quality materials and are rigorously tested for durability, ensuring that they meet the same high standards as their varied flooring products. From stair treads to carpet reducers and corner blocks, we’ve made sure that every last piece of the puzzle is there for you when you want to create a flooring that makes a lasting impression. 

    Anything that you could need to complement your look is available on our site, browse the range of Flexco moldings and trims today to design your home right, down to the last detail.

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