Kota Brown Limestone Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back
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  • Green, gray and brown toned limestone

  • Highly durable and hardwearing

  • A stone that ages beautifully

  • Natural cleft face and gauged back

  • Creates stunning flooring, inside and outside the home

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Product Info

    Hailing from quarries in Rajasthan, India, this green, gray, and brown colored Kota Brown Limestone tile provides the perfect natural stone effect. It has a subtle coloring, making it the ideal base for any room design. Its natural green tones help it blend beautifully into a garden setting.

    The building blocks of the Great Pyramids of Giza were made from sturdy limestone. So, it's a rock that is famous for its ability to stand the test of time. It ages incredibly well, looking even more lovely as the years pass by. In your home or garden, these tiles will be no different.

    Kota Brown is often used to make beautiful patios and garden walls because of its ability to weather the elements. It is highly durable, and once sealed with a stone protector has a great resistance to moisture and staining. This makes it perfect for use inside as well as out.

    Kota Brown limestone has a wonderful stony texture. Therefore, it's no surprise that these tiles have been left with a natural cleft face that displays this in all its glory. Flattened down to a smooth gradient, but not ground or buffed, the tile has a natural grainy feel to it.

    This makes it ideal for flooring. The slightly bumpy texture provides traction so that even when wet, the tile is not slippery. These qualities make it great for use as a garden patio, where rain or sprinklers may dampen the tiles. It also works perfectly in kitchens and other interior uses.

    A natural cleft face is a highly durable finish. High traffic and periods of prolonged use will not cause the tile to deteriorate as a buffed and polished finish might. For this reason, its an ideal tile for use in commercial settings that may see a large amount of footfall

    The tile also has a gauged back which creates a flat surface so that the tiles can be laid in a level and uniform fashion.

    Kota Brown's subtle tones make a beautiful base for almost any design. Create a gorgeous countryside kitchen reminiscent of a converted barn with a Kota Brown floor, pale kitchen unit, and a solid oak counter. Introduce an additional earthy element by using it as a backsplash or create an eye-catching stone accent wall and bring nature into the home.

    Used for exterior applications, Kota Brown creates stunning patios, driveways, and paths. Its soft earthy coloring blends beautifully with its surroundings, melting into your backyard landscape like it has always belonged.