French Vanilla Limestone Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Flat Back

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  • Soft beige, sandy colored stone with hints of yellow and green

  • Irregular pattern adding to the stone's rustic character

  • Durable and hardwearing stone

  • Suitable for flooring, walls, and features

  • Natural cleft face and flat back

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    French Vanilla limestone conjures images of a beautiful French chateau and vineyard. Its subtle sandy tones are elegant and classy, a soft beige with green and yellow undertones. It is worlds away from the brash and bold colors and textures of some stones. It is tranquillity defined.

    Picture yourself whiling away the hours in your European style kitchen, cozy and homely, the perfect family environment. Or use French Vanilla limestone to create a sunny and warm backyard patio, you'll feel as if you're on vacation all year round.

    Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is created over millions of years as layers of minerals build up inch by inch. Eventually, the stone is cemented by unique pressures and temperatures which create the solid rock we know today.

    It is a durable stone and has been used to create structures which have lasted for centuries. Most famously, the Great Pyramids of Giza were built using limestone, some of the most long-standing creations still in existence today. French Vanilla limestone is therefore ideal for your busy driveway, porch or kitchen floor, no matter how hectic family life gets.

    French vineyard houses have a rustic charm to them, and French Vanilla limestone is no different. The natural cleft face leaves the stone with its earthen, rough texture. It is carved into flat level tiles, but the grooves, ridges, and pits that give the tiles their character are left in the stone.

    If you're looking for functionality as well as design, a natural cleft face is perfect. Its textured surface is great for traction, meaning even while the tile is wet it is unlikely to feel slippery underfoot. The rugged surface is low maintenance as it only improves with age. Whereas some finishes may need regular polishing, a natural cleft face develops a charming antique feel to it, just like a reclaimed vintage flagstone.

    This tile has a flat back which aids level application, making it suitable for interior uses as well as outside. There is some variation in thickness between each stone, but this can be remedied through careful installation which will result in a level floor.

    If you're looking for a stone that will create a beautiful rustic home, French Vanilla limestone is perfect. Its sandy tones will complement a soft green or dove gray shaker style kitchen creating a Georgian period style with a country edge. Just add traditional lighting and neutral soft furnishings to complete the look

    Alternatively, create the garden you've always dreamed of with a French Vanilla patio that will brighten those sunny summer afternoons bringing calm and serenity. To complete the European look, surround your patio with olive trees and silvery lavender, ultimate escapism.