Roman Vein Cut Travertine Paver - Brushed
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  • Neutral creamy color palette

  • Durable and hardwearing

  • Ideal for flooring, backsplashes, and more

  • Brushed finish for a slightly textured surface

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Product Info

    This Roman Travertine is a fine caramel beige. Just like a delicately aged lace, its coloring is soft and elegant. It has a creamy lined veining, irregular and mismatched, and is truly natural looking. This is the perfect stone for creating a neutral base to build a beautiful design upon.

    Roman Travertine is one of the most ancient stones on the market, used since Roman times to create masterful structures that continue to wow to this day. Perhaps most famously, Rome's Colosseum was created using this sturdy material. The fact that it still stands tall today is evidence of its incredible durability. Therefore, there is no doubt that when used inside your home, it will last for years still maintaining its air of sophistication.

    These tiles are a vein cut travertine. This is created when the stone is sawn against the vein as opposed to with the vein. It is perhaps the most popular cut of travertine because it creates a stunning vertical line pattern. Each vein is a layer of stone that has built upon the other over the years. It's a stunning display of travertine's natural origins and creates a unique design for your interior.

    A brushed finish is a slightly textured surface that embraces the stone's natural pits and grooves. The tile is made level, and then it is brushed with wire bristles that create a consistently rough texture throughout the stone. There are unique and irregular bumps and grooves that are naturally present in a travertine, so this stunning finish blends both natural and man-made beauty.

    But the benefits are not restricted to the design focused. A brushed finish has a greater level of traction than many of the other options available due to its textured surface. This gives it an additional level of slip resistance, making it ideal for homes with busy families who need a functional flooring solution

    Roman Travertine's neutral color palette can achieve a vast array of designs, from a relaxed and country-inspired look to opulent traditionalism.

    Add it to your kitchen flooring, paired with cream shaker style cabinets for a timeless design that will always be in fashion. Choose to keep it simple with subtle accessories and hints of metallic or add a shot of color with a rich purple or cinnamon red backsplash.

    In your bathroom, Roman travertine is the perfect flooring tile, providing both functionality and beautiful design. Incorporate rich mocha colors for a sumptuous interior and a luscious potted plant for added texture.