Jerusalem Pearl Limestone Tile - Honed

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4 sqft per tile.

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  • Beautifully creamy ivory color

  • High-end limestone with minimal veining

  • Durable and hardwearing

  • Suitable for most locations

  • Honed finish for a matte effect

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Product Info

    A creamy ivory color, this Jerusalem Pearl limestone is the perfect addition to your new home interior. This is a high-quality limestone with minimal evidence of veining or imperfections. The overall effect is a milky oatmeal color, delicate and demure. This is a great stone if you're looking for a high-end neutral backdrop that is timeless in its design.

    Limestone is a gorgeous stone highly prized for its beauty, but there is also great value in its durability. It is created when layers of sediment build up underwater over a period of thousands of years. Over time, these minerals become compressed and eventually cement to form a hardened rock.

    Limestone has been used to create some of the world's most famous ancient structures, including the Great Pyramids of Giza. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is hardwearing enough for your kitchen flooring, outside space, or bathroom wall. Like most sedimentary rocks, it is slightly porous, meaning a stone sealant is required to protect its surface from water damage. However, it is perfectly suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways once this process has been completed. If properly cared for, limestone can last for decades.

    When the stone is ground down to a silky-smooth surface, this is known as a honed finish. There is no polishing required, as the surface is left matte, created a soft, muted lighting within the home. There are no harsh reflections, just a warm-toned glow.

    This is a great finish for those looking for a beautifully smooth tile but requires a little more practicality than a polished finish. A honed tile has a little more traction than a glossy surface, which makes it more suitable for use as bathroom flooring or anywhere else that may be prone to becoming wet.

    It's also fairly durable in comparison to some other finishes on the market. There is little maintenance involved with keeping it looking its best. This is great for those with a busy lifestyle who need an interior with longevity.

    Jerusalem Pearl limestone is great for those looking for a high-quality neutral tile. Its creamy ivory color looks beautiful when paired with a number of hues, from the rich and warm, to cool greens, grays, and blues. This makes it one of our most design versatile tiles. It is timeless in every way.

    Jerusalem Pearl limestone makes a gorgeous entrance hall that welcomes guests into your home. Add a dark wood sideboard and a large arch mirror for a cozy yet bright interior. Alternatively, these tiles look great in a kitchen and bathroom setting. Experiment with exotic accessories or keep it sophisticated and simple, Jerusalem Pearl will work with your design to make your home spectacular.