Morning Glory Sandstone Ledgestone - Split Edge

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$4.20  / Sqft
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Also referred to as Red
  • Burnt orange or coral pink colored stone

  • Highly pigmented with minimal color variation

  • Ideal for creating a stunning feature wall

  • Great for external applications

  • Split edge

Freezing Conditions
Walls / Backsplashes

Morning Glory Sandstone Ledgestone - Split Edge - 1" x 7"

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Morning Glory Sandstone Ledgestone - Split Edge - 1" x 7"

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Product Info

    A beautiful burnt orange or coral pink, Morning Glory sandstone is perfect for adding warmth to your new interior. These textural ledgestones are ideal for creating a stunning feature wall that will draw the eye and add depth to your design. Every stone is highly pigmented with deep orangey-red. There is some variation in the shade, but in general, this fine-grained stone is fairly consistent throughout.

    Sandstone is a classically soft sedimentary stone created by the layering of mineral deposits. Over time, these cements to form a hardened rock. Despite its geologically soft nature, it is known to be incredibly hardwearing, and therefore it has been used for construction for generations. It has a beautiful textural element that makes it incredibly popular for use as a feature tile. These gorgeous ledgestones will bring energy and vitality to your design.

    These ledgestones have been specifically cut to create a stacked effect on a clad wall. The surface of the stone has been left with its natural cleft face, with all the bumps, grooves, and ridges that are created during the formation process still left intact. This gives the stone a unique dimension that cannot be replicated by man-made materials. It is irregular and wild, just as nature intended.

    These stones have a split edge which adds to their rustic natural. They are great for use as fireplace cladding, feature walls, and even for use in your backyard.

    Ledgestones are ideal for adding a unique textural element to your design. The rough and rugged surface looks at home in a traditional country-style interior. Clad your chimney breast with these warming tiles, surrounded by neutral white or cream painted walls. Add dark leather sofas, a large patterned rug, and a wooden coffee table for the ultimate in high-end comfort. Don't forget to light that fire for an experience you'll never forget.

    In a bathroom setting, Morning Glory sandstone ledgestones can make a room feel natural and earthy while giving the room a little vibrancy. Clad the wall next to your bathtub for an edgy and unique bathroom ivory colored walls and towels, and for a nature-inspired feel, incorporate wooden furniture and accessories. You'll feel like the outside has been brought in, ultimate serenity. Alternatively, go for something a little more traditional with a cast iron roll top bathtub. Choose one with a black bottom to add depth to your design.

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