Oasis Gold Limestone Ashler Pattern - Brushed

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  • Golden beige with a pink undertone

  • Subtle yet irregular mottled pattern

  • Ideal for flooring

  • Suitable for internal and external applications

  • Brushed finish for a textured, antique effect

Freezing Conditions
Walls / Backsplashes

Oasis Gold Limestone Ashler Pattern - Brushed - Various Sizes

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Oasis Gold Limestone Ashler Pattern - Brushed - Various Sizes

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Product Info

    Oasis Gold limestone is a subtle golden ivory color with a slight pink undertone. It has a soft stony mottled pattern, displaying the natural material's earthy origins. For this reason, each tile is slightly different from the next, with a varying tone and pattern throughout. However, the overall effect is that of a consistently creamy stone.

    Limestone is a great option for those looking for a solid investment. It's incredibly durable and is more than suitable for high traffic areas of the home such as hallways and kitchens. Famously, it was the material used to create the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the most ancient constructions still in existence today. Therefore, there is no doubt that your busy home will be no match for this sturdy stone.

    Just like most natural materials, limestone is slightly porous and therefore requires a stone sealant upon installation. This prevents the stone from staining, ensuring its longevity. When properly cared for, limestone can last for decades.

    These tiles have a rough textured, brushed finish. This is created by dragging wire bristles across the stone to create thousands of minute scratches. It is a great option for those looking for a level surface with a little character. The texture is consistent throughout the stone, creating an antique effect as if the stones have been worn down over hundreds of years. True antique reclaimed stones fetch exorbitant prices, a brushed finish helps you achieve a similar effect, whilst still meeting your budget.

    Our Oasis Gold limestone tiles are cut to an ashler pattern and therefore come in a range of sizes. This adds to the rustic effect, creating flooring that is non-uniform and irregular. Think classic barn house flooring or stately home orangery - this is the effect the tiles create.

    Oasis Gold limestone is a beautiful neutral stone that will look great with a huge variety of designs. Create a stunningly luxurious bathroom by installing it as your flooring and shower walls. Add a sleek glass shower screen or crisp white bathtub for a calm and tranquil interior.

    Oasis Gold limestone creates a beautifully welcoming entrance hall, just add your favorite antique wooden furniture and a Georgian tall lamp for a warm and inviting experience.

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