Red Mix Porphyry Paver - Natural Cleft Face & Back

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  • Deep red hue

  • Extremely durable stone

  • Ideal for patios, porches, and driveways

  • Natural cleft face for a rugged look

  • Natural back

  • Split edge

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    Porphyry is an igneous rock that is similar to granite in its formation. Both stones start life as molten rock way down in the Earth's core. When cracks in its crust begin to appear, the liquid rock can find its way to colder climates where it solidifies into hard stone. Just like granite, it is incredibly dense and hardwearing. It can resist scratches successfully, making it ideal for even the highest traffic locations such as driveways and paths.

    These Red Mix Porphyry Pavers have a natural cleft face, perhaps the most functional and hardwearing finish on the market. Rather than being created, a natural cleft face is the result of the stone being split into shape. It is rough and uneven, with a unique set of pits, bumps, and grooves. These stones also have a split edge, creating a cobblestone look that will give your outside areas a characterful charm. Each stone looks hand carved from the quarry, just as would have been the case in times gone by.

    A natural cleft face is ideal for driveways and backyards because the texture provides a significant level of slip resistance. When a more refined stone tile becomes wet, it can feel slippery underfoot and become very dangerous. A natural cleft face provides you with sufficient traction as well as peace of mind.

    Furthermore, its rugged surface is incredibly low maintenance. It is intentionally uneven, textured and craggy, so any wear and tear will not show as strongly.

    A beautiful cobbled path with a mixture of shapes and sizes is the perfect addition to any rustic country home. If you're looking for a landscaping stone that will blend with its surroundings, while offering functionality and longevity, there's no doubt that these Red Mix Porphyry Pavers are up to the job.

    Sturdy and hardwearing, with a design that is timeless, this is an investment into your home that's worth making. Lift your curb appeal to the level you've always dreamed of, with our effortlessly stylish, natural stone tiles.