Rojo Travertine Tile - Polished

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Also referred to as Red Travertine
  • Red and cream color palette

  • Fiery and irregular pattern

  • Hardwearing material

  • Suitable for flooring, backsplashes, cladding, and more

  • Polished finish creating a glossy look

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Product Info

    A blend of fiery reds and creamy ivories, Rojo Travertine is an exciting twist on a traditional stone. It has a wild and irregular pattern, varying from a subdued mottled pattern, to a riptide of bright reds and golden creams. This is a stone with character that will brighten up your design, giving you a splash of natural color.

    Travertine is similar to limestone in that it starts life as minerals suspended in a body of water. Over time, these deposits layer upon one another, creating a solid rock. The difference between limestone and travertine is that the latter is formed by fast-moving water, such as a spring. This bubbling water causes tiny pits and holes in the stone as captured gasses are released.

    Travertine has a beautiful array of creamy and neutral tones, ideal for adding warmth to your design, and these Rojo tiles are no different. They are suitable for flooring throughout the home, but also work perfectly as a wall tile because of their comparatively lightweight. They'll create the perfect bathroom feature wall, backsplash, or fireplace.

    These travertine tiles have a highly refined polished finish. This is achieved by grinding the stone until a smooth surface is achieved, it is then buffed until it reaches a delicate shine. This process removes a thin layer of the tile's surface, but the result is overwhelmingly beautiful. There is no doubt that a polished finish brings out the best in the stone. Its colors are brightened, bringing exquisite clarity to each stone.

    The glossy sheen also makes a room feel spacious and airy, reflecting light to all corners of the room. This is a finish with real style that will lift your design to the next level.

    Rojo Travertine is a bright and beautiful stone that will give any design the added warmth needed to make a house a home. Use it as a floor to ceiling shower wall tile, combined with cream walls and a luxurious bathroom suite. Incorporate wooden furniture for an earthy and rustic design that will feel exquisite.

    In your kitchen, why not use it as rich and welcoming floor tiles. Your home will feel relaxed and serene, despite the fiery color palette, creating a tranquil design that will still be popular for years to come.