Chocolate (Noche) Travertine Tile - Honed
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  • Chocolate-brown colored stone

  • Warm, neutral color tone

  • Incredibly versatile stone, suitable for almost any location

  • Honed finish for a matte effect

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Product Info

    If you're looking for a rustic natural stone with durability and great value for money, Chocolate, or Noche, Travertine is a great place to start. Its chocolate brown tones stretch from a milky, pale brown, to a rich coffee color and everywhere in between. It has a naturally varied pattern, appearing speckled and mottled in places, adding to the stone's uniqueness. It's a great tile if you're looking for the versatility of a neutral color but cozy and inviting.

    Travertine is similar to limestone in its creation. It begins life as layers of sediment which build upon each other. Over time the layers cement to form a solid rock. Travertine is unique however because it is formed when there is fast moving water, for example by a spring. The result is a hardy sedimentary rock which ages beautifully, creating a homely, relaxed effect.

    Travertine naturally forms with pits and holes throughout the stone, this adds to the rustic texture of the tile. The slight dimples in the surface make each tile totally different from the next, not just in terms of color, tone, and pattern but also the feel of each stone.

    A honed finish is achieved by grinding the stone down to a smooth, flat surface. The result is a matte-effect which softens the stone's warm colors, creating a calm and tranquil vibe. Nothing about this stone appears harsh or jarring. Just like a whipped cream, it has a satin effect which is soft and subtle.

    It's a great finish for creating an authentically aged look. The muted colors naturally lend themselves towards an antique effect, but this is enhanced by the honed finish which wears beautifully over time. Where a polished finish can look dull if neglected, a honed finish only improves with time. The natural pits and holes within the stone contribute to the country-home flagstone effect. Travertine does not hold a polished look easily, but the matte surface of a honed finish is mastered by the stone.

    A honed finish is ideal for flooring because it has enough grip to prevent the tile becoming slippery. The matte-look stone has traction, making it functional as well as beautiful.

    Chocolate (Noche) Travertine is ideal for achieving a relaxed environment in the home. Everything about the stone is serene and comforting, from its soft and milky brown tones to its slightly pitted surface, to the carefree honed finish that looks better with age. And with a reasonable price to match, you'll be sure to find Chocolate Travertine a relaxing purchase too. Pair it with wooden furniture to continue the natural vibe and add soft colored, creamy textiles for a cozy home interior you've always dreamed of.