Installing T-molding: Easy Tips

Installing T-molding: Easy Tips

Different rooms need different types of flooring, so you can’t help but transition from one flooring type to another. For example, carpet or laminate work great in the living room, but you must transition to porcelain tiles in the bathroom because of moisture issues.

There are different types of accessory items to accommodate these shifts from one type of flooring to another. In this article, we’ll talk about installing T-molding. It got its name from the side profile because it’s shaped like a capital T. This type of molding is used to ensure a smooth transition when two different floors meet.

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How to Install T-Molding

Typically, T-molding is used to cover the gap between the floors of two rooms at doorways to join floors of the same height, for example, ceramic tile, hardwood, vinyl planks, or laminate. Another function of T-molding is joining hardwood or laminate floors in large areas. Installing T-molding provides expansion joints when a floor is longer than 40 feet (12.2 meters). T-molding covers a gap to create a trip-free and visually appealing transition.

So how to install T-molding? You can do it using a glue-down or screw-down method.

The Glue-Down Method

  • Measure the exact width of the doorway between the floors. If your T-molding uses a metal track, measure and cut it with tin snips.
  • Measure and cut the T-molding strip with a power saw for a crisp, clean cut.
  • Attach the metal track onto the bottom part of the “T.” It should snap in place.
  • Apply a 1/4-inch even bead of construction adhesive along the gap between the two floors.
  • Press the T-molding into the gap firmly and ensure that the top of the molding rests firmly on each floor with no gaps. Do not glue the lips to the floor.
  • Remove any excess glue using a damp cloth.
  • Place several large strips of painter’s tape across the T-molding. The tape will hold it down while the glue dries. Keep the tape in place overnight.

The Screw-Down Method

  • Measure the width of the doorway. Then measure and cut the metal track with tin snips to the doorway width.
  • Measure and cut the T-molding strip using a miter saw or power saw for a cleaner cut.
  • Place the metal track into the gap evenly between the two floors. Screw the track into the subfloor, using the pre-drilled holes to guide screw placement.
  • Snap the T-molding into the track. Start at one end of the T-molding and work your way to the other end. Then press the molding down to ensure that the lips of both sides of the molding rest on the flooring.

You should keep in mind that there are different types of molding for different flooring transitions, and you can find all of them at Stone & Tile, including wood T-molding items and vinyl T-molding. If you are looking to install a new floor, explore our collections to find the right transition pieces for your project.

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