T-molding is used to fill the gap between two different floors of approximately equal height and create a smooth transition from one flooring surface to another. It is typically installed in doorways without thresholds or in L-shaped hallways or rooms when you want to change the direction of the planks.

  • Timeless Barnboard VHTM2-00194
  • Imperial Beech VHTM2-00185
  • Tivoli Plus Lince VSTM6-00571
  • Dark Elm VHTMD-00915
  • COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced Cairo Oak 02V62-02956
  • Ryman Oak VSTM7-07068
  • Ripped Pine VSTM6-07047
  • Fresh Pine VSTM6-05052
  • Oyster Oak VSTMD-00591
  • Grey Chestnut VHTMD-07062
  • Mineral Maple VHTMD-00297
  • River Bend Oak VHTMD-00296
  • Vinyl T-Molding

    Vinyl T-molding will add a finishing touch to your luxury vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl T-moldings as well as vinyl reducer molding will preserve the floor's structural integrity by creating an "island" on which a really heavy object can rest. These molding pieces will also allow expansion gaps to work efficiently. They are essential both for the elegance and functionality of your floors. These floor accessories will improve the overall view of your space.

    T-moldings are also essential from a safety standpoint, as they are necessary to prevent tripping between walking from hard surfaces to carpeting. Many T-moldings are installed with tracks and screws, and others are meant to be glued or nailed to the subfloor.

    At Stone and Tile, we offer a large selection of vinyl T-molding and other types of vinyl trim molding pieces. They are made of high-quality PVC, are extremely durable, and can create the perfect, professional flooring finish. Trim and molding pieces enhance the beauty of your floors and provide continuity. They decoratively cover edges and gaps in your space, making floors look sophisticated and complete.

    Vinyl T-molding is available in different looks that can match floors or complement different materials. Explore our selection and choose everything you need to quickly and easily add professional finishing touches to your stunning new vinyl click flooring. We have beautiful options to satisfy the pickiest shoppers who don't want to sacrifice style.

    T-Molding Flooring Trim

    When you're looking to transition one flooring style to another, you're going to need a transition or T-molding flooring trim. It will remove the risk of harsh or sharp edges on the floor and make the transition from one room to another gentle on the eyes and the feet. T-molding flooring trim is easy to install for a DIY homeowner.

    Transition molding is a must-have in every room. It will have a significant impact on the feel and functionality of the floors. T-molding is one of the most common types of transition molding. Overall, T-molding allows one surface to transition smoothly to another, thus creating an extended safety precaution. You can go for T-molding flooring trim to transition between hard floor surfaces that have the same height. It is also helpful when expansion joints are necessary. This occurs when the dimension of a floor exceeds 40 feet in length or width.

    Floor T-Molding

    Floor T-molding trim is available in a wide variety of looks and finishes. It can hide joints left for expansion and contraction, and transition areas where one flooring style ends and another one begins. It makes it easy to finish your flooring project faster. It will remove the risk of harsh or sharp edges on the floor and make the transition from one room to another pleasant to the eyes and gentle to the feet.

    A floor T-molding is used to help make the transition from an un-level floor smooth and to prevent tripping. Transition floor T-molding is frequently used for flat or level flooring that connects to other materials or adjoining rooms. They help make the transition look cleaner and protect the edges of the floor.

    T-Molding Transition Strip

    T-molding transition strip is a narrow piece of molding that bridges two floors of different levels to provide a smooth transition from one room to the next. Additionally, the T-molding transition strip covers the necessary gap that is left between the two different floors to allow the floor to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity.

    Looking to install glue-down vinyl plank flooring and need transition pieces to add the finishing touch to stair risers? At Stone and Tile, you can find a wide range of stair nose moldings that will protect steps on your stair and ensure safety. With the large selection available in our store, there will be trim to match anyone's taste. Transition molding may typically go unnoticed, but it is essential to the functionality and safety of your home's layout.
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