Absolute Black Granite Tile - Honed

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Also referred to as Absolut Black.
  • Truly deep black coloring

  • Consistent and uniform with minimal variation between tiles

  • Hardwearing tile perfect for high-traffic areas

  • A honed finish with a smooth matte effect

  • Can be used on floors, walls or countertops

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Product Info

    Sometimes known as Jet Black Granite, or even Nero Absolute granite, these tiles are the deepest of blacks. This is a rich color rarely replicated in nature - you'll be hard-pressed to find a stone that matches its seemingly endless and vast coloring. It's as if you're staring into the depths of the sea at night.

    Often known to give the 'best black' there is, if you're looking for a monochrome effect, or want a tile that will contrast dramatically with other shades, look no further than Absolute Black.

    Originating in the quarries of Southern India, the stone is uniquely uniform. It has very little in the way of variation between each tile, offering the reliability that is rarely found in naturally occurring materials.

    From afar, the stone appears jet black as its name suggests. It's only when looking incredibly close that you'll notice any evidence of mineral deposits. It really is as true a black as nature will provide. It is this uniformity which makes it such a popular stone.

    A durable stone, hardwearing in nature, granite is perfect for a busy household. Incredibly resistant to staining, it's a stone you can rely on to be flawless in design for years to come. An investment worth making.

    The face of these tiles is honed. A process which involves grinding the stone down to a smooth, flat surface. There are no bumps, ridges or texture. It is silken and soft. The final outcome gives a matte effect. Unlike the traditional shine seen on many granite worktops, this finish gives an interior a more contemporary, modern feel.

    The honed effect is perfect for areas of high traffic, such as flooring in hallways and kitchens. Its muted matte is not dulled by regular use as a highly polished tile would be. But its uses are not restricted, Absolute Black with a honed finish can create gorgeous worktops.

    From country house hallways to inner-city kitchens, their design versatility is endless. Absolute Black really is a versatile stone, with so much to give.

    These tiles marry the richness of this traditional stone, with a modern matte finish creating an effect which is timeless.

    If sheen and shine aren't what you're looking for, but you still want that classic design, these tiles should be top of your list.