Antique Gold Limestone Tile - Honed

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1 sqft per tile.

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  • A neutral, warm golden color

  • Slightly mottled, natural stone pattern

  • Highly durable stone once protected with a sealant

  • Honed finish, complementing limestone's natural texture

  • Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways

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    Product Info

      Antique gold limestone has a unique, aged color palette. A luxurious, golden beige, it's the perfect neutral tile for creating a traditional, homely feel. Like the soft glow of a candle, this tile will bring light and warmth to your interior design.

      Limestone is a rock that will never go out of fashion. It has a subtle pattern, beautifully mottled with no crystals or striking veins to break its mellow shading. Human-made tiles often try to replicate its elegant simplicity, but rarely can they match that of a real Antique Gold limestone.

      Created over millions of years through a process of layered minerals compacted until hard, this stone is a true antique, just as its name suggests.

      It's also highly durable, famously forming the building blocks for one of the most ancient constructions surviving today, the Great Pyramids of Giza. Whilst some types of limestone can be soft, Antique Gold is relatively dense. This makes it a great addition to a bustling family environment that is likely to see a lot of wear and tear.

      The tiles honed finish celebrates its understated color palette. The stone is ground down to a smooth surface but is left with a matte effect. Muted and creamy, the finish perfectly complements Antique Gold's relaxed coloring - beautifully classy.

      The honed finish is incredibly practical. The lack of shine means the tile has traction and is unlikely to feel slippery. This makes it ideal for a family home where slips and trips might otherwise be common.

      It's also a highly durable finish. High levels of traffic and prolonged use will not dull the surface of the tile, unlike a gloss effect. It requires little upkeep and can be maintained just by the use of a pH neutral cleanser.

      This is a stone with a huge design potential, but whatever look you're going for, what you'll achieve is a warm and cozy home. Bathrooms and kitchens are instantly revived, bringing a touch of elegance.

      Its neutral shade is incredibly versatile, suiting almost any color accent or material. And its uses are not restricted to flooring. Used as a floor to ceiling bathroom wall tile, you'll create a sumptuous room you'll never want to leave. Make your kitchen, light, bright and easy to clean with an Antique Gold limestone backsplash. The possibilities are endless.