Bardiglio Marble Tile - Polished

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  • A stunning mid-gray with black and cream marbling

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  • Create a high-end wall, floor or countertop

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    Bardiglio marble is a soft and beautiful dusty gray. It has black, and sometimes cream, parallel veins subtly dotted throughout the stone. It is an on-trend marble that is incredibly popular the world over. Quarried from the Tuscan region of Italy, it's a highly unique stone that many ceramics try to replicate. Having the real thing in your home is the ultimate display of opulence.

    Bardiglio marble has a fairly non-uniform pattern. Whilst mostly gray, some tiles have a more prominent pattern than others. Each slab is completely different from the next and unique to you.

    Marble is often described as a high-maintenance stone, and while it may require a little more upkeep to ensure it looks its best, its natural beauty will always shine through. Its popularity has never faded and is more desired today than ever.

    Our Bardiglio Marble has a classic polished finish. This is achieved by grinding the stone down, then buffing it to a high-shine. It is a labor-intensive process, which removes up to 1mm of the stone's surface in order to create that beautiful glossy sheen.

    This is a luxury marble, with a finish to match. While it may be more high-maintenance than a honed finish, the final look would not be as magnificent if it wasn't for the polished look. Colors appear brighter and whites are lighter, it really is a celebration of what nature can produce.

    The highly reflective finish bounces light around a room, making it ideal for small rooms such as bathrooms and hallways that need an extra boost of brightness.

    Bardiglio Marble favors style over function every time, exuding beauty at an unparalleled rate. It will give you gloriously high-end design. Create a designer-inspired interior with its on-trend dove gray coloring. Pair it with light and bright cabinets for an ultra-modern, up-to-the-minute interior. Add metallic accessories for the look everyone is dreaming of.

    Use Bardiglio Marble tiles floor to ceiling in a bathroom and you'll never want to leave. It oozes contemporary style, with its stunning cool tones. Alternatively, create a luxury entrance hall, reserved for those requiring elegance and class by adding hints of gold or copper.