Basalt Dark Basalt Tile - Brushed

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Also referred to as Basalt Black
  • Simple and elegant dark gray color

  • Consistent in pattern and color tones throughout

  • Durable stone, ideal for high-traffic areas

  • Brushed finish for a contemporary look

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Product Info

    This beautiful Dark Basalt is simplicity defined. A rich dark gray, it is perfect for creating the ultimate monochrome effect within your interior design. Its pattern is totally uniform, just a simple dark gray. When you move closer to the stone you'll begin to see the grainy texture that makes this natural stone so special. Tiny pits and holes litter the surface of the tile, too small to see unless you're right up next to them. If you're looking for a consistent color to add to your design but still want the effect of a natural stone, Dark Basalt is the ideal tile for you.

    It is formed in a similar way to Granite, another igneous rock. Hot magma bubbles up to the earth's surface and is rapidly cooled. This creates an extremely hard stone with minute crystals. There are naturally small holes in the stone's surface meaning it has a tendency to absorb moisture. This can be reduced by sealing the stone after application, keeping it long-lasting. Basalt is suitable for high traffic areas of the home because of its durability.

    The surface of the tile has a brushed finish. This is created by sweeping the stone with a wire brush to create a matte, naturally worn-down effect. It's an ideal finish for those looking for a low-maintenance design solution. Wear and tear improves the stone's effect, meaning only a light clean will keep it looking its best. It's also fairly slip-resistant, offering enough traction for use on flooring in busy areas of the home. It's also ideal for bathrooms and hallways where the chance of puddles and damp flooring is increased which can often lead to dangerously slippery surfaces if the correct tile is not selected.

    A brushed finish creates a beautiful contemporary design. Pair it with matte-effect cabinets and furniture for an effortlessly chic interior.

    A brushed finish Dark Basalt is the ultimate in versatility. Its simple and consistent coloring makes it ideal for creating contemporary designs throughout the home. Team it with an ultra-modern bathtub and bright white suite for an interior designer's dream bathroom. Add accessories made from natural materials such as wood, stone, and cotton for a subtle and totally chic back-to-nature effect.

    Take hints from the Scandinavian style with crisp white walls and understated furniture. Your home will feel like a breath of fresh air, natural and laid-back - exactly what you need for a year-round beautiful home.