Chocolate Burgundy Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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  • Deep, rich brown colored slate

  • Incredibly durable stone, suitable for almost any application

  • Natural cleft face for a rugged texture

  • Gauged back to ensure ease of application

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Product Info

    This slate is rich and inviting just as its name suggests. Chocolate Burgundy is a dark reddish brown color, reminiscent of the perfect blend of Belgian chocolate and French wine, a luxurious coloring rarely matched by natural materials. Its surface is largely uniform, mostly adhering to the same shade of brown throughout. There is, however, a slight variation as seen within any natural stone. Not all tiles will be identical, but there is a consistency within the stone's pattern. Chocolate Burgundy slate is evidence that this hardy stone can be more than just functional.

    Slate is known for its incredible durability. It is regularly used in landscaping, for example around fountains and ponds, because of its ability to resist rain and wind. It is a naturally porous stone, however, it can be sealed to protect it from the damaging effects moisture can have, and this is recommended to ensure the stone's longevity. Once it has been protected, slate is seriously resilient. It is not prone to scratching or staining and seems to improve with age in most cases.

    A sturdy, rugged stone requires a finish that will match these qualities. This slate has a natural cleft face, achieved by cleaving the stone along its layers to form slabs which are then cut down to tiles. While the surface of the stone is level, it has a texture to it which is craggy and rugged. The way slate forms means it has a unique pattern to its surface. The ridges and grooves of the stone are left intact.

    This is a finish with great durability and practicality. A cleft face looks better as it ages, gaining an authentic, 'reclaimed flagstone' look which people pay incredibly high prices for. It's also suitably functional as a floor tile due to its ability to provide grip for those walking on it. The riven surface means that even while the stone is wet, there is sufficient traction to prevent the stone from becoming slippery. This makes it ideal for use in busy households where children may be running around.

    Slate is famous for achieving a rugged, traditional look, and Chocolate Burgundy is no different. But where this stone differs is in its ability to give an interior warmth and coziness, in contrast to the cold metallic tones of a classic slate tile. Pair it with warm, creamy tones to offset the chocolate within the tile's color palette, making your home feel inviting and calming. In your bathroom, add Chocolate Burgundy slate to your shower walls and floors. Add a cocoa smelling shower creme, with luxurious cream colored towels for a sumptuous design look and feel.