Diano Reale Marble Tile - Polished

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Also referred to as Diano Royal, Cafe Royal, or Queen Beige
  • Creamy beige hue with golden veining

  • Irregular marble pattern

  • Suitable for countertops, backsplashes, walls, and flooring

  • Polished finish

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Product Info

    Creamy beige with veins like rivers cutting across its surface, our Diano Reale Marble tiles will bring nothing but pure elegance to your design. Its irregular pattern is evidence of a true marble, unpredictable and yet totally beautiful. You will never find two tiles the same, and that is the charm of natural stone. Reminiscent of simpler times, Diano Reale Marble will bring effortless style to your interior design.

    Quarried in Italy, Diano Reale marble is a classic material, famed for its beauty for hundreds of years. During the Italian Renaissance, marble was considered the most luxurious of materials, adorning opulent architecture and forming the basis for the era's most famous sculptures.

    But to overlook marble's functional benefits in favor of its design would be to miss a number of its prime advantages. For example, marble is incredibly heat resistant, making it ideal for a number of applications including fireplace surrounds and countertops. A hot plate or pan are unlikely to damage its surface, and during the summer months, it will stay cool and collected.

    In the natural stone world, there is nothing that compares to a polished tile, the most popular finish available. Marble is unique in that when it is smoothed and buffed it creates a bright shine that cannot be achieved by most stones. This glossy sheen is highly reflective, bouncing light around your interior, creating an increased feeling of space. This is ideal for those who are looking to design a light and airy feeling home.

    Furthermore, the polished finish has an interesting effect on the tile's colors. Where many other finishes mute its tonality, a polished finish enhances it, creating a vivid and beautiful effect. The ivory shade is highlighted, while the richer golden tones are deepened' a true spectacle that will never be overlooked.

    Diano Reale Marble is a luxurious stone with unending versatility and the ability to lift your interior design to the next level. Its beautiful veining creates a design feature that is regularly imitated but never matched by human-made materials. It works great as a countertop or kitchen flooring paired with cream-colored cupboards and golden faucets and finishing. Incorporate a traditional Belfast sink for a sumptuous and classic design.

    Alternatively, use it to create a beautiful bathroom from your shower walls to bathroom floors. Add a roll top bath and free-standing sink, and you'll have the perfect traditional design that will always be on-trend.