Durango Travertine Tile - Brushed

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Also referred to as Durango Cream
  • Soft golden beige and cream-colored stone

  • Natural, mottled effect

  • Brushed finish creating a worn-in, aged look

  • Slightly textured surface for grip as well as design edge

  • Ideal for flooring, walls, features, and cladding

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Product Info

    Durango Travertine is the ideal natural stone if you're looking for a soft and neutral design. It is a golden beige color, with subtle swirls of tan and cream creating a gorgeous mottled effect. As with most natural stones, each tile is totally unique, with its own balance of hues and tones. But Durango Travertine has a subtle pattern, meaning the overall effect is a warm, rich cream color. There are no harsh veins or crystals, just a calming blend of neutral hues.

    Travertine is a sedimentary stone, formed by the combination of water and layered mineral deposits. It is a relatively soft stone, compared to a slate or granite, which makes it great for flooring because it feels gentle underfoot.

    It a porous stone, with rustic holes and pits throughout its surface adding to the tile's natural charm. It must be sealed with a stone protectant (like most natural stones) to ensure its water resistance. But once this has been completed it is sufficiently durable for most applications throughout the home. Travertine can be used to create wonderful flooring, features, walls, and backsplashes throughout your interior.

    The brushed finish on this tile creates a worn, aged look. This complements the stone's beautiful rustic nature, playing on its soft color tones to create a relaxed-looking tile. The finish is created by sweeping a wire brush across the tile's surface. The final effect is that the tile looks almost antique. It is slightly textured and the natural pits and pores within the stone remain.

    This is a great finish if you're looking for a low maintenance tile. The stone already appears used, looking more like a reclaimed flagstone than a fresh new tile, this means years of heavy footfall in a busy environment will only add to the effect, rather than take away from the stone's design.

    As well as being practical, it's also more functional than some of the other finishes on the market. The slight texture of its surface means it has sufficient traction. Slips and trips are less likely as there is enough grip to prevent them. This makes it ideal for use as flooring in all areas of the home, including bathrooms and kitchens. It's also suitable for commercial uses where a practical flooring solution is required.

    The neutral coloring of Durango Travertine makes it the perfect stone for all manner of colors and designs. The brushed finish is great for creating a country-style interior. Pair it with painted wooden furniture in a soft green or duck egg blue to create a cozy and inviting home. Add it to your bathroom with a roll top bathtub or glass shower unit for a relaxing room you'll never want to leave.