Ice White Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face & Back

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  • A smooth blend of cool whites and subtle grays

  • Irregular, non-uniform pattern

  • Made from reliable and hard material

  • Natural cleft finish helps create an all-round rustic look

  • Ideal for use outside while also making for impressive indoor backsplashes

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Product Info

    These Ice White slate tiles are striking and captivating. But contrary to their name, it isn't just crisp whites at play. Subtle swirls of light gray run throughout these tiles, helping to create a soft, natural look. It has a unique non-uniform pattern which adds character and individuality to each tile. The delicate colors also make Ice White slate tiles perfect for exuding light and enhancing space, making even the smallest of outside spaces feel cool and bright. 

    Created by the compression of clay and volcanic ash,slateis a highly desirable decorative material. But it is the hardy and durable nature of this rock which makes it a popular choice all over the world. Because it is built to last, you can use it in even the most hard-hitting of areas, such as outdoor patios and walkways. The slate is also relatively heat and scratch resistant. So, while some other stones are easily damaged and marked, your Ice White slate tiles can stand their ground against hot appliances, such as barbecues. 

    These Ice White slate tiles have a natural cleft face and back. This means that while the stone has been shaped, the original grooves and edges have been left, the result of which is a truly rustic and natural look. Because the surface has been left relatively untouched, you also get a decent amount of traction. This means it is suitable for use in heavy traffic areas and prevents outdoor spaces becoming slippery when wet.

    The natural back means there can be a slight variation in tile thickness. This is ideal for external applications as it adds a texture and charm which blends with its surroundings perfectly, as well as having functional benefits in terms of practicality and durability.

    But don't let our suggestions restrict you, the natural finish on both sides also means centerpieces and fireplaces will look particularly rustic, creating a characterful feature in your interior.

    These Ice White tiles are great in a number of locations. They are perfect for building a contemporary outdoor area. Lay your outdoor floors with these soft gray tiles and then fill the space with light furniture and an array of plants and trees for maximum effect.

    If you do want to use these tiles inside, you can create an impressive backsplash or wall. If you're looking for a light and airy twist on the classic slate clad chimney, these rustic tiles will add character and give your home and exciting feature. Alternatively, build a subtle backdrop to an outdoor barbecue with these delicate colored tiles - ideal for accentuating light in summer months.