Jade White Sandstone Tile - Brushed

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  • Delicate ivory color

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  • Incredibly design versatile

  • Low-maintenance stone

  • Brushed finish, creating a textured stone

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Product Info

    Jade White sandstone is a creamy ivory colored stone. It has a fine grain with no major crystals or veining, the effect is a wholly consistent pattern and texture. This is a beautiful stone if you're looking to brighten a room but still achieve a cozy homely feel. The sandy matte surface softens the light, creating the feeling of warmth and tranquillity.

    Sandstone is classic sedimentary rock formed when layers of minerals accumulate over time. These layers are subjected to certain environmental changes that cause them to cement and solidify. The result is a hard rock that is incredibly durable. Sandstone has been used inside the home to create stunning flooring, walls, and feature applications for years. It is a relatively low-hardness stone, making it feel soft underfoot compared to a slate or granite. Its beautifully delicate texture means it must be sealed to prevent stains or water damage. When properly cared for, sandstone can last for decades without needing replacement. It's a great investment tile for those looking for a subtle and timeless design. 

    To retain an element of sandstone's natural texture, this tile has a brushed finish. This is created by leveling the stone and then scratching its surface using wire bristles. The effect is a tile with bumps and ridges that emulate the stone's natural formation. It has a slightly coarse texture where the brush has lifted the surface of the tile, and this is consistent throughout the stone. It adds character to the tile as if it has had another lifetime before reaching your home, and it has within our earth's crust.

    A brushed finish is suitable for those looking for a rustic design, but it also benefits from a range of functional advantages. Primarily, this textured surface is incredibly low maintenance, needling little upkeep to ensure its effect is retained. There are no additional steps such as regular polishing required. A frequent clean with a pH neutral cleanser is sufficient. If you're looking to install your tiles in a high-traffic area of the home, you may wish to reapply your stone sealant every year or two to maintain its resistance to wear and tear.

    The delicate ivory hue of this Jade White sandstone can be paired with almost any color palette. Whether you're pondering a Georgian kitchen with sage green painted cabinets, a colonial style with dark wooden furniture and a rich colored Turkish rug, or are going for a simplistic Scandinavian design relying solely upon the natural textures and colors of nature, this Jade White sandstone is ideal.

    The rustic and characterful finish is suited to a design with a similar style, so avoid ultra-modernism and stick to an interior that has a quirky charm. Otherwise, the sky is the limit with this versatile stone.