Jerusalem Gray Gold Limestone Tile - Brushed

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4 sqft per tile.

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  • Variegated gray color with hints of warm golden hues

  • Incredibly durable stone suitable for most applications

  • Ideal for creating a contemporary, high-end design

  • Brushed finish for a textured, functional surface

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    This stunning Jerusalem Gray Gold limestone is a modern take on a classic stone. It has variegated shades of gray, with subtle notes of warm cream and gold. Its pattern is irregular and mottled, with some parts appearing ivory and pale gray, others reaching a toasted brown color. It is a gloriously natural looking stone, its unique pattern evidencing its wild past.

    Limestone is mostly created by sediments compacting beneath a body of water. Over time, these minerals harden to form a solid rock which is known to be incredibly hardwearing. During the creation process, tiny sea life creatures will also be buried within these deposits as their lifecycle comes to an end. Limestone is famous for the exquisitely preserved fossils that can be seen dotted throughout the surface of the tile, a nod to the stone's organic origins.

    Despite being a geologically porous sedimentary rock, it is incredibly durable. Most famously, limestone was used to form the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the most ancient structures still standing today. Once the stone has been sealed to protect it from stains and moisture damage, it is suitably resistant to family life and can last for decades without the need for replacement.

    These tiles have a slightly rough, textured surface, bringing more than just design benefits. Known as a brushed finish, it is created when wire bristles are dragged along the stone's surface, disrupting the top layer of the tile in order to create a consistently textured surface. This finish works perfectly on a limestone because it brings out its subtle irregularities. The tiny grooves and pits created by the stone's formation process are retained, ensuring its characterful charm.

    But, the textured surface of the stone brings more than just exquisite design potential, it's also incredibly practical. Compared to a polished or honed finish, the roughly brushed tile has more traction, making it suitable for bathrooms and entrance halls that are likely to become wet, as well as outside areas such as patios and porches. Furthermore, it's a finish that is unlikely to require regular upkeep to maintain its effect. A more refined finish is likely to need regular polishing to ensure its surface is still sparkling, but the scratched effect of a brushed finish has a rustic charm which ages beautifully.

    Jerusalem Gray Gold will help you achieve that natural luxury feels you're after. Its modern color palette looks great with a Scandinavian-inspired bathroom. Add a limestone tiled wall with a sleek glass shower screen, circular mirror and luscious potted foliage for the ultimate in contemporary simplicity.

    Alternatively, go for a Georgian-style country kitchen with a twist. Use Jerusalem Gray Gold limestone flooring, alongside a sage green painted wooden kitchen for a serene and calming, high-end kitchen.