Kokomo Gold Sandstone Tile - Honed

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  • Golden hued stone with various shade of warm colors throughout

  • Durable and hardwearing

  • Ideal for external uses such as patios, driveways, and porches

  • Also works great as a hallway, bathroom, and kitchen tile

  • Honed finish for a matte effect

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Product Info

    The toasted golden hue of Kokomo Gold sandstone is reminiscent of a warm desert. There is a subtle variation in color, with some stones showing paler, creamier tones, and others displaying warm reds. However, the overall effect is a smooth orangey-yellow that will give your home and cozy and inviting feel. Sandstone is fine-grained, displaying little in the way of veining. This makes it a great option for those looking for a consistent pattern throughout the stone, with no harsh color clashes.

    Of sedimentary geology, sandstone is formed by layers of minerals compressed over time to form a solid, hardy stone. While it is naturally porous, this is easily remedied by sealing it with the correct protectant upon installation. This ensures the stone against staining or moisture damage. Once this has been applied, it is suitable for a number of locations throughout the home. It makes a great kitchen or bathroom floor tile and can even be used in hallways or other high traffic areas.

    Kokomo Gold sandstone can also be used for external applications. Create a stunning porch, driveway, or backyard patio that will add to the feeling of warmth in your home, welcoming guests and adding curb appeal.

    This tile has a gorgeous honed finish - the texture of soft satin. The stone has been ground down until level and smooth, with all bumps, ridges, and imperfections removed. This creates a matte effect, a beautiful balance mid-way between the craggy natural texture of the stone, and a glossy polish.

    But this finish has a broad range of benefits that are not limited to design advantages. Functionality also comes into play here. Compared to some of the more refined surfaces available, a honed finish is incredibly durable. Over time, it requires little in the way of maintenance. Its matte effect is innately dull, therefore wear and tear will not impact the stone's sheen, but instead, add to its natural charm.

    It also makes a great flooring tile in terms of the level of traction it holds. Some tiles can become incredibly slippery, especially when wet, but a honed finish has sufficient grip to make it suitable for all areas of the home, including bathroom floors and exterior uses.

    Kokomo Gold sandstone makes the ideal patio or porch tile, bringing warmth to your design. Just like the desert sun, this golden-hued stone will leave you feeling totally relaxed. It creates the perfect outside space, just incorporate your ideal outdoor furniture and a range of potted plants, ultimate escapism.

    Inside the home, your kitchen will feel like a luxurious country-inspired dream. Add wooden kitchen cupboards, either painted or left with its natural golden color, and an Absolute Black granite countertop for a classy design with a homely twist.