Labrador Antique Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Cream and brown colored stone with blue crystals

  • Highly irregular and totally unique

  • Sturdy and hardwearing material

  • Heat and scratch resistant

  • Ideal for most locations throughout the home

  • Polished finish for a mirror-shine

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Product Info

    Labrador Antique granite is a unique blend of ashy browns and creams with a bold shot of blue. It is comprised of medium to large crystals that litter the stone's surface, separated by a thin cream vein which makes the stone appear shattered like a mirror. It's a beautiful stone that is highly irregular and tempestuous. No two stones will even be identical, far from it, each has its own balance of colors and misshapen crystals.

    Granite is an incredibly dense and hardwearing stone, known to be one of the most durable options on the market. It is a hard material; therefore, it is fairly scratch resistant. This makes it ideal for countertops and vanities but also for flooring in high-traffic areas of the home.

    It's also incredibly heat resistant due to its formation process. Granite begins life beneath the earth's surface as a molten rock. When it reaches our cooler atmosphere it rapid solidifies to form the stone we see here today. Its volcanic origins mean a hot mug, pan or curling iron are unlikely to damage the stone's coloring. Therefore, granite is a great option for those looking for a solid investment to last for years to come.

    Labrador Antique granite's superior color palette would be wasted on anything but a polished finish. This is a highly refined surface which is created by grinding the stone down and then buffing it until a brilliant shine is revealed. The process removes a thin layer of the stone, but the outcome is exquisite. The blue crystals are brightened to their fullest potential and the cream veins are defined even further so that each unique hue can be identified from the next.

    A polished finish is great for those looking for high-end design. Its mirror-like surface reflects the light, creating an interior that feels light and spacious. This is perfect for those with a small bathroom or kitchen who require a design that will brighten the room.

    The neutral cream and brown hues of Labrador Antique granite make it easy to style. It looks great paired with cream kitchen units, taking hints from the stone's warm tones with coffee colored accents.

    In a bathroom setting, Labrador granite looks great used as a shower wall. Its polished finish is easily wiped clean, making it ideal for this location. Pair it with a sleek glass door and cream or brown colored towels. Add a little texture to your design with a green potted plant and you'll have the ideal relaxation room.

    But don't restrict Labrador Antique to the classic kitchen and bathroom applications, why not use it as a fireplace surround, vanity, or entrance feature?