New Saint Laurent Marble Tile - Polished

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2.25 sqft per tile.

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  • Black, brown, and cream-colored stone with striking white veins

  • Irregular non-uniform pattern

  • Ideal for flooring, walls, and backsplashes

  • Durable material

  • Luxury, high-end look

  • Polished finish for a glossy sheen

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Product Info

    An exquisite blend of black and creamy browns, New Saint Laurent marble is the epitome of luxury. Disrupted by striking white veins, like bolts of lightning through the stormy night sky, the effect is irregular and totally tempestuous. This is a stone with a rich and captivating color palette that excites the senses. In your home, you'll create nothing but pure opulence. New Saint Laurent marble is a grandiose material with the ability to lift your home beyond anything achieved by a man-made tile.

    A famously luxurious stone, marble has been used for generations to create lavish designs and add elegance to an interior. One of the world's most highly revered artists, the Italian Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo, often use marble for his creations. Many of these are still in existence today, evidence of its hardwearing nature.

    There is no doubt that when creating a feature in your home, New Saint Laurent marble will stand the test of time. Use it to create stunning flooring, kitchen backsplashes, or bathroom walls for some of the most beautiful interiors around.

    As one of the most popular finishes on the market, a polished sheen is the ultimate in high-end design. The laborious refinement process sees the stone ground down until totally smooth and then buffed until a gorgeous shine is revealed. The contrasting veins are lifted to their full potential, as the glossy sheen brightens the whites, and deepens the rich browns and blacks. This is a magnificent finish that adds total luxury to your design.

    Despite the deep color palette, a polished finish helps achieve a bright and airy interior. The mirror-like surface reflects the light around the room, creating a feeling of spaciousness. A dark and rich stone may feel like a daring choice, but the polished finish lifts the stone, making it suitable for even the smallest of rooms.

    New Saint Laurent creates a high-end, glamorous design. It looks great as a bathroom wall surrounded by a sleek glass shower screen and bright white suite. Use a roll top, cast iron bath and traditional sink for a Georgian style interior with a modern twist.

    Use it to create a magnificent kitchen floor, paired with dark kitchen cabinets, you'll have the ultimate in rich opulence. Alternatively, go for a lighter and brighter look with white gloss kitchen cupboards. Add 1920's art deco style lighting to finish off the lavish look.