Ostrich Gray Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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  • Metallic gray stone with fiery hints of orange and red

  • Suitable for a vast array of applications including external uses

  • Hardwearing material

  • Natural cleft face and gauged back

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Product Info

    Ostrich Gray slate has a beautiful shimmering gray face with hints of orange and red. This is a natural looking stone that feels rugged and earthy. There is a slight variation in tonality throughout the tile, creating a subtle pattern that looks just like bubbling magma. This is the charm of a natural stone, its delicate irregularity.

    Slate is a great option for those looking for a high-quality stone with a reasonable price point. It is incredibly durable, making it suitable for high traffic areas of the home including hallways and kitchens. Slate is often used for roof tiles, an application that requires a hardwearing material capable of resisting heavy wear and tear. Therefore, whatever application you have in mind, it's likely that slate will be up to the job.

    A natural cleft face is not created by a man-made process, it is actually the stone's organic texture. Slate forms when layers of shale and mudstone are compressed to form a hardened rock. The stone is easily cleaved into slab along these natural fault lines, the perfect material for creating tiles. The slabs are carved to the correct shape and size, but their surface is left unrefined. Any bumps and ridges are intact, a stunning natural feature which leaves the stone with its rustic character and charm.

    In terms of investment potential, a natural cleft face is possibly the most hardwearing finish out there. As one of the least refined surfaces on the market, its look is not impacted by heavy wear and tear. The natural cleft face is intentionally irregular and rustic looking. Therefore, it generally requires only a regular cleaning schedule to keep it looking its best.

    It's also incredibly practical because of the level of traction the tile holds. The textured surface provides enough grip that the surface does not feel slippery underfoot. This is ideal for bathrooms or outside areas that are likely to become wet. It also has a gauged back, allowing for uniform application.

    Ostrich Gray slate is ideal for creating that rustic kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Combine it with wooden cupboards and white walls for a stylish country style. In your bathroom, incorporate wooden furniture and luscious potted foliage for a design that feels like the outside has been brought in.

    But the possibilities don't stop there. Ostrich Gray can also be used outside for patios and porches. It blends seamlessly with its surroundings, creating the perfect relaxed environment for you to spend your summer afternoons.