Oyster Blue Limestone Tile - Honed

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Also referred to as London Gray
  • Delicate gray stone with a subtle blue mottled pattern

  • Non-uniform pattern with characterful charm

  • Suitable for flooring throughout the home, as well as a whole host of other applications

  • Hardwearing and durable stone

  • Honed finish for a matte effect

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Product Info

    Oyster Blue limestone's cool-toned color palette is both dreamy and elegant. A soft dove gray with a pale blue mottled pattern, it is the ultimate in contemporary serenity. It has a non-uniform pattern that appears in patches across the stone, therefore no two tiles will ever be identical. Oyster Blue limestone is ideal if you're looking for a chic, design focussed look that is timeless and understated.

    Limestone is a great material for use inside the home. It is sufficiently durable with a soft tonality that makes a house feel like a home. It is created by layers of mineral deposits building upon one another beneath a body of water. Over time, these minerals are impacted by changing pressure and temperature conditions that cause them to solidify, forming a hardened rock. It's a stone famed for its hardwearing nature, a version of which was used to create the Great Pyramids of Giza. Therefore, there is no doubt that Oyster Blue is suitable for your kitchen or hallway flooring, as well as a whole host of other applications around the home.

    Limestone's creamy, neutral color palette is perfect for this subtle, honed finish. Ground down until silky smooth, the stone is left with a matte textured surface, just like whipped cream. This is the ideal finish for Oyster Blue limestone as it softens the light in the room, creating a totally serene and understated design, complementing the stone's hues perfectly.

    But the benefits aren't restricted purely to design. A honed finish has a number of practical advantages too. Perhaps the most important is the lack of maintenance required to keep it looking its best. The honed finish is innately dull; therefore, wear and tear will not deteriorate its appearance. In fact, many people actually prefer the look of an aged honed tile as it adds to the stone's character.

    Oyster Blue is a delicately patterned stone in a cool and contemporary color palette. It works perfectly with a sleek modern kitchen, just incorporate glossy cabinets in any pale color to start building the look. Add subtle metallic accessories and a marble countertop for the ultimate in high-end simplicity.

    Alternatively, Oyster Blue can also create a stunning modern take on a Georgian classic design. Add pastel colored cupboards and a light wooden countertop to bring the look together. Pair it with a sage green or duck egg blue painted wall for a soft and understated look that feels as if no expense has been spared.