Oyster Cream Marble Tile - Honed

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  • Creamy colored stone with a delicate hint of gold

  • Suitable for flooring, walls, and features

  • Ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom or kitchen

  • Honed finish for a matte effect

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    Just like a delicately aged piece of parchment, Oyster Cream marble is a warm ivory hue with subtle hints of gold. Its pattern is simple, yet irregular. Some stones are almost totally cream, with only a few specks of gray to break its consistent coloring. Others have a larger portion of golden tones that give the stone an almost antique looking effect.

    Marble is highly prized for its beauty the world over. It is often used to enrich luxurious architecture in some of Italy's most iconic cities and was used by the famous designer Michelangelo, who created some of his most famous works using the stone. Many of these gorgeous sculptures are still around today, a testament to its ability to stand the test of time.

    Marble is formed by the accumulation of layers of sediment over a period of thousands of years. Over time, these minerals compress under changing pressure and temperature conditions to create a hardened rock. It's rich and luxurious color palette, combined with its wild, irregular, and stunning patterns are what makes this stone so popular, and Oyster Cream marble is no different.

    Complementing its creamy color palette, these tiles have a honed finish. This is an elegant and refined look achieved by grinding the stone down until it is beautifully smooth. Any natural texture is removed, creating a silk-like, matte finish. Unlike a polished tile that reflects the light, a honed finish softens it, creating a warm and luxurious atmosphere, ideal for a laid-back home environment. The matte surface also offers a slightly increased level of traction.

    Oyster Cream marble's neutral coloring makes it an incredibly design versatile stone. Go for a sleek and contemporary minimalist look by pairing it with gloss cream cabinets and a black countertop. Keep the design super simple with chrome accessories. Bright and airy, this look will never fall out of style.

    Alternatively, why not use this luxurious material to create an opulent design in your hallways or living room. Pair it with a sumptuous navy couch, eclectic pattern soft furnishings, and golden accessories.