Paradisso Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Dark and irregular patterned granite with pink and purple tones

  • Scratch and heat resistant stone

  • Suitable for flooring, walls, cladding, and more

  • Polished finish for a glossy sheen

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Product Info

    Dark granite with a charcoal and black colored crystals, blended with a subtle pink-purple and white swirling, Paradisso is a rich and luxurious colored stone. It has an irregular and granular pattern that collective looks like sweeping masses of color, an exhilarating stone that will create a stunning feature in your home.

    Granite is one of the most durable stones on the market. An igneous rock, created when searing hot magma rapidly cools, it is extremely dense with an incredible hardness. This means that the tiles are unlikely to scratch under normal wear and tear conditions. It is suitable for hallways and kitchens, high traffic areas of the home that are likely to see the greatest amount of use.

    It's also suitably resistant to heat, therefore a hot plate or pan is unlikely to damage the stone's beautiful color palette. At the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, granite is capable of resisting freeze-thaw conditions, ideal for external applications such as faÍ_ade detailing.

    The contrasting colors within Paradisso granite's color palette are perfectly suited to a polished finish. The tile is totally smooth with a gorgeously glossy sheen. This is a finish created with design in mind.

    The stone is ground down until it is level and then buffed, removing a thin layer of the tile's surface, to reveal a brilliant shine beneath. It is this gorgeous shine that brings out the best in the stone. The pale creams and pinks are highlighted, contrasting with beautiful clarity against the deepened charcoal and black tones.

    But the benefits don't stop there, this mirror-like surface reflects light around your interior, creating the feeling of space, making even the smallest of rooms feel bright and airy. If you're looking for a high-end finish, there's nothing like a polished tile.

    Paradisso Granite will help you achieve a luxurious and contemporary design. For a moody and masculine look with an eclectic edge, pair it with navy kitchen cupboards and bright golden handles. The swirling galaxy effect will contrast beautifully with the dark furniture, drawing the eye and ensuring that your stone tiles are the center of attention.

    Alternatively, add depth to your bathroom design with a Paradisso backsplash, combine it with pale colored walls and textures.