Pearl Gold Marble Tile - Polished

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2.25 sqft per tile.

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  • Impressive visual of elegant golds and clay browns

  • Diverse, non-uniform pattern

  • Curated from a durable, universally acclaimed material

  • Polished finish helps to enhance light

  • Perfect for creating impressive features both inside and out

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Product Info

    These Pearl Gold marble tiles will lure you in with their sea of luscious golds, intertwined with rustic browns and hints of red. The rich colors add an impressive dimension to any room. But it's also the non-uniform style of these tiles which will jump out at you. Each tile boasts its own character that ties in with the overarching rustic style on offer.

    The tile is made from one of the most popular stones available, marble. Marble is formed when limestone is subject to extreme heat and pressure. The result is a stone which is famed all over for its remarkable beauty. Throughout the world marble has been used to create stunning architecture and sculptures, creating classic designs which are still famous across continents today. This makes these tiles ideal for eye-catching countertops, centerpieces, and flooring.

    These Pearl Gold marble tiles come with a carefully refined polished finish. This is achieved by creating a perfectly level surface, then buffing it until a glossy sheen is revealed. Just like a mirror, it reflects light around the room, helping to maximize the feeling of space. But the benefits do not stop there, the glorious shine emphasizes the stone's coloring, making the gold tones appear brighter, and the dark veining more defined.

    If you live in a busy house with noisy kids to look after, as well as a job to hold down, you'll appreciate how easy the finish is to keep clean. There aren't so many grooves and edges for dirt to get caught in, therefore a straightforward wipe should remove most dust with ease.

    Marble is fantastic because you can use it to create any number of staggering looks. If you have a large hallway, a rich golden marble floor will capture the imagination of guests straightaway. In a contemporary kitchen with dark appliances, a spectacular golden countertop is bound to draw eyes and enhance the room's look.

    If you're aiming to create a high-end look in your bathroom, use these golden marble tiles to border mirrors, sinks, and other bathroom appliances. The warm colors will help make the bathroom feel flush with character and sophistication. You can also create impressive vanities and shelves in contemporary rooms with your Pearl Gold marble tiles.

    These tiles are also great for building staggering fireplaces. The golden red tones look fantastic dancing alongside the flames of a fire. Plus, the polished finish means it takes just a swift wipe to keep your new fireplace clean.

    You also have the option of taking these pearl Gold marble tiles outside, to create stunning porches and entrance way. And because marble is a medium hard stone, it is more than capable of withstanding the elements in heavy traffic areas.