Pink Leather Sandstone Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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Also referred to as Penther
  • Beautiful coral pink stone

  • Irregular texture

  • Hardwearing and durable

  • Suitable for most locations

  • Natural cleft face and gauged back

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Product Info

    A highly pigmented coral pink, Pink leather Sandstone creates a rich and warming experience wherever it is laid. It has a totally unique pattern, comparable to that of a luxurious leather. Irregular grooves and ridges, just like the cracks of a worn animal hide, make up the stone's unique surface. A natural looking, yet exciting stone.

    While its name alludes to a crumbly and soft material, sandstone is actually incredibly hardwearing and durable. As one of the most popular external paving materials, it is used to resisting the wear and tear that harsh weather conditions can provide. With the proper care and attention, sandstone tiles can last for decades, while still maintaining a beautiful frontage.

    But don't let this suggestion fool you; sandstone is also suitable for use inside the home, making the ideal flooring tile for kitchens, hallways, and even bathrooms. It has a naturally porous surface, and therefore you may wish to protect it with a stone sealant. This will enrich the stone's coloring and keep it protected against stains and moisture damage.

    These sandstone tiles have a natural cleft face, a rugged looking finish that embraces the stone's original texture. Rather than being created, a natural cleft face is revealed by the carving process, keeping the stone's natural texture intact. This is ideal for those looking for a rustic look. Perhaps you have a country style kitchen, you want a relaxed and inviting hallway, or maybe you're looking for a practical backyard patio.

    A natural cleft face is not just design focused, its actually one of our most functional finishes. It's incredibly durable, requiring only a minimal amount of upkeep. The craggy surface is intentionally imperfect; therefore, any wear and tear should not take away from the tile's impact.

    It's a great finish if you're looking for a sensible flooring tile because it offers sufficient grip. The textured surface ensures that even while the tile is wet, there is still a level of traction that means it does not feel slippery underfoot.

    Pink Leather sandstone is ideal for achieving a warm yet rustic look both inside and outside the home. In your kitchen, use it as flooring combined with other natural materials such as wood and stone for a back-to-nature, country-inspired interior. This look also works great in a bathroom setting, a room that requires the serenity of such a rugged material. Incorporate a glass shower screen for the ultimate combination of sleek and earthy.