Raja Pink Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Light gray and pink stone with darker red garnets

  • Scratch and heat resistant stone

  • Ideal for flooring, walls, cladding, and more

  • Polished finish for a mirror-shine

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Product Info

    Delicate and feminine, Raja Pink granite is the perfect stone for achieving a luxury bright and airy design. Pale blue grays blended with stunning pastel pinks run throughout the stone, just like a soft-toned spring sunset. Pink-red garnets are littered across each tile, irregularly placed, creating a non-uniform design where each stone is totally unique. Raja Pink granite is an ethereal stone quarried in the famous granite regions of India, an exquisite material that will lift a home's design beyond anything achieved by man-made materials.

    Granite, in general, is an extremely hard and durable material, and Raja Pink is no different. Created when searing hot magma reaches cooler climates, the liquid solidifies to form a dense rock. It is not easy scratched, making it ideal for flooring throughout the home, including high traffic areas. It also works great as a work surface such as a countertop or vanity. Its heat resistance makes it ideal for this type of use as a hot pan, mug, or plate shouldn't mar its beautiful coloring.

    These Raja Pink tiles have a polished finish, a glossy sheen achieved by grinding the stone until super smooth. Any bumps, ridges or grooves are removed and then the stone is buffed until shiny. It's a design focused finish which really brings out the best in the stone. The pale grays, creams, and pinks are highlighted and brightened, creating the perfect contrast for the deepened pink garnets.

    The glossy sheen created by the polished finish is great for making a room feel bright and spacious. Raja Pink's pale coloring, combined with the tile's reflective surface which bounces light around the room, creates a light and airy design that will have even the smallest of rooms looking stunning.

    Raja Pink granite tiles have the ultimate contemporary color palette. Those light gray and pastel pink tones look great combined with cream matte cabinets and a marble countertop. Ethereal and bright, your design will look up-to-the-minute and totally sleek. Combine with delicate colored textiles to soften the look and create a homelier feel.

    In a bathroom setting, Raja Pink works great as a floor to ceiling wall tile. Combine it with a glass shower screen and bright white walls for an airy and modern design.