Sahara Gold Marble Tile - Antique

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  • Golden beige bedrock with orange and gray veining

  • Totally irregular pattern

  • Ideal for flooring, backsplashes, walls, and more

  • Antique effect finish

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Product Info

    Fiery golden veins run like rivers across an antique map on these beautiful Sahara Gold marble tiles. A rich and creamy golden beige, they'll add a hint of luxury to your design, incorporating the warmth you need to make your house a home. The irregular gray and golden veins make each tile an exciting display of nature. There are no identical tiles; each has its own pattern and color balance, an unpredictability that is highly revered in the natural stone community and cannot be replicated by man-made materials.

    This particular strain is quarried in Pakistan, from one of the world's most famous marble regions. Its rich, sandy coloring hints to the area's scorched lands, while its deep veining alludes to its exciting culture.

    If you're looking for a stone that will take your interior design beyond your expectations, there is nothing quite like marble. Across the globe, this magnificent stone is highly prized for its incredible beauty. In Europe, it has been used to add glamour to architecture for generations, creating stunning designs that have proved strong and sturdy.

    Marble is a hardwearing material. However, in order to increase its longevity, you may wish to seal its surface with a stone protectant. This will prevent stains and moisture damage and should be topped up periodically.

    Sahara Gold Marble's stunning pattern alludes to a long and dramatic past, and this is aided by its antique finish. The stone has been ground down to replicate the effects of heavy wear and tear over the years. This is a popular finish because it gives your tiles their own history, it's as if their story has been written long before your home benefitted from them.

    An antique finish is ideal for those who require a low maintenance design. There is no polishing or regular maintenance involved, other than a quick sweep and mop. They are intentionally worn looking, and therefore any wear and tear caused by daily life actually add to their effect.

    Furthermore, the matte surface is ideal for use on flooring because it offers sufficient grip. Compared to a polished finish, that can become slippery when wet, an antique finish has enough traction to make it suitable for bathroom and hallway flooring.

    Sahara Gold marble will help you achieve the rich and luxurious look you've been searching for. Combine it with warm colors and wood tones for a homely effect that will always be popular.