Sahara Gold Marble Tile - Honed

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  • Warm sandy beige, and glorious golden tone, marbled with oranges and gray

  • A neutral color palette with class

  • A satin effect honed finish

  • Highly durable stone, known for its ability to resist moisture absorption

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Product Info

    Sahara Gold Marble is an exquisite example of one of the most highly prized stones on the market. Its glorious neutral tones are perfectly balanced with a pattern that offers beautiful variation. A creamy, golden beige melted and marbled with warm oranges and dark grays, this stone is a real feast for the eyes. Pair it with simple furniture, and you have a stunning accent tile which draws the eye. Alternatively, create an opulent, traditional design with antique pieces.

    This is a great value marble, although you wouldn't be able to tell from its luxurious pattern. It's the perfect stone if you're looking for that touch of elegance, with a neutral design that will stand the test of time.

    While marble is considered one of the world's most ethereal and opulent materials, what should not be overlooked is its functionality. Marble is a highly durable material. It's hardwearing, and once it is sealed it is highly stain-resistant. It's naturally pretty impervious to moisture, making it a great option for a bathroom tile, but also making it freeze-thaw resistant. It really is a great all-rounder in terms of its design, price point, and durability. 

    This tile comes with a honed finish. Unlike a glossy polished tile, the effect is subtle and demure. The stone is ground to a perfectly flat surface. It neither buffed nor polished, leaving its satin, matte texture.

    It's a great finish for a busy family household, or even for a commercial setting. The tile has a natural traction to it, so slips and trips are easily avoided. It's also a very hardwearing finish that requires very little in the way of maintenance. Unlike a mirror shine, which can become dulled by overuse, a honed finish can cope in areas of high traffic.

    Its natural color base makes it the perfect stone for almost any design sett effect which is timeless.

    You will struggle to find a design that will not suit this tile. Take hints from its opulence, and choose rich, traditional colors for a high-end hotel feel. Equally, pair it with lighter and brighter tones, and you'll have the ultimate in modern design.

    In your kitchen, use it to create a stunning countertop, backsplash or floor. And in a bathroom setting, it can be used floor to ceiling throughout the room. The beauty of the elegant stone is that it can be used for a whole range of applications, blending in like it has always belonged.