Sahara Gold Marble Tile - Sandblasted & Brushed

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3.75 sqft per tile.

3 tiles per box.
  • Gray bedrock with a yellow undertone

  • Sprawling golden veins

  • Incredibly beautiful and hardwearing material

  • Ideal for flooring throughout the home, as well as countertops and walls

  • Sandblasted and brushed finish for an aged and textured look

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Product Info

    A soft, pale gray with intricate gold veining throughout, Sahara Gold Marble is an exquisite natural beauty. Effortlessly stylish with the most versatile of colors and patterns, your home will be elegant and classy with a timeless design. It has an entirely irregular pattern with veins that travel across the stone like jolts of lightning through the night sky or rivers across the land. There is no clear path, just a wildly erratic golden silk journeying its way through the heart of this beautiful stone.

    Marble is perhaps the most well-regarded stone on the market. Used to enrich and luxuriate European architecture throughout the centuries, this beautiful stone will give your home the lift you're searching for.

    But there's more to marble that its exquisite beauty, it also has the durability to last for decades when the right care and maintenance is applied. In fact, marble is even suitable for external applications and is exceptionally resistant to temperature changes. This means that freeze/thaw conditions are no problem for this beautiful stone. And it also works great as a fireplace surround resisting the extreme temperatures at the other end of the spectrum.

    These tiles have a sandblasted and brushed finish. This rough textured effect is achieved by firing sand particles at the surface of the tile to create a worn, aged effect, and brushed with wire bristles that form tiny grooves.

    The rustic effect makes the stones appear antique as if they have been reclaimed from a Renaissance Italian villa with a wealth of secrets that will never be told. The stone's colors are muted, with its cool gray tones making a come-back much more strongly that the rich gold undertone that can be seen on polished marble. This is great for those who are wanting an elegant and unobtrusive stone that will melt into their design without dictating its style.

    Despite its incredible design benefits, this finish also comes with a wealth of functional advantages. For example, it is ideal for wetroom or bathroom flooring because it provides a sufficient level of traction, which helps to prevent slips and trips when the floor is damp. It's also perfect for bustling family environments that need to consider little feet in tiny socks that want to run around and play.

    Sahara Gold marble is a beautiful stone with a unique story to tell. Its soft gray hue with rich golden veins gives it an opulent and luxurious essence that will leave your design with effortless style. The fresh, muted colors lend themselves to incredible versatility. This is a stone that has seen thousands of years of history and yet has generations left in its lifetime.