Saint Clair Limestone Tile - Brushed

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2 sqft per tile.

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  • Medium gray with a bluish undertone

  • Irregular, horizontal and wavy veins

  • Classic and contemporary

  • Ideal for flooring, backsplashes, and more

  • Brushed finish for a slightly textured effect

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Product Info

    If you're looking for a natural stone that will look gorgeous in a contemporary design, Saint Clair limestone is ideal. Its stunning gray coloring with a blue-purple undertone means it is totally on-trend. It has horizontal veins that move like waves across the stones surface, creating a unique and natural looking effect. And just like waves, the stone's pattern is highly irregular. If you were to compare tiles, you would not find any that were identical, a quality of natural stone that should be embraced.

    Saint Clair limestone is quarried in the United States of America and was so named because of its proximity to St Clair Springs in Arkansas. It has a sedimentary geology and is therefore created by layers of mineral deposits building up over time. Under the correct pressure conditions, these soft elements harden to form a solid rock, known as Saint Clair limestone.

    This is a hardy limestone which is highly prized for its beauty. It is often wrongly labeled as a marble for its incredible patterns and suitability to polishing. It is ideal for use as flooring throughout the home and can even be used in high traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens.

    These tiles have a brushed finish, creating a slightly rough texture. Wire bristles are dragged along the stone's surface, digging in and creating a unique, yet subtle texture. The effect is consistent throughout the stone.

    Not only does this create a beautifully earthy and rugged effect, alluding to the stone's natural origins, it also comes with a number of functional advantages. For example, the tile's texture provides its surface with sufficient grip, making it ideal for areas of the home such as bathrooms and hallways that are likely to experience dampness. Where a more refined finish will become slippery when wet, a brushed texture is ideal.

    Furthermore, a brushed finish is fairly low maintenance because of its innately rugged texture. A polished finish my need buffing to prevent the tile from becoming dull over time. Instead, wear and tear add to the stone's effect, making it suitable for those who have a busy family lifestyle and require a tile that will fit with this.

    Saint Clair limestone is classically elegant. Its subtle veining gives a unique natural beauty that is so highly desired, whilst its gray color palette works perfectly with a contemporary design.

    Pair it with white kitchen cabinets and painted walls for a sleek effect. Add a black countertop and wooden accents for a cozy and homely feel. In a bathroom setting, pair it with metallic accents and white bath towels, a simple design with effortless style.