Serpeggiante Light Marble Tile - Polished

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2 sqft per tile.

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  • Layered golden beige, creamy marble

  • Non-uniform, yet consistent design

  • Hardwearing stone

  • Suitable for flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and more

  • Honed finish for a matte effect

Freezing Conditions
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Product Info

    As some of the finest quality Italian marble, Serpeggiante will add the touch of luxury you've been searching for to your design. Its golden layers create a stunning horizontal line effect, juxtaposed against a creamy beige background that is sumptuously rich, just like a brandy butter at the height of festivities. The beautiful layers are irregularly space, with some patches appearing denser than others. This stone offers the exquisite artistry of a man-made material, with the uniqueness and originality of nature.

    Created by a change in pressure and temperature conditions placed upon limestone, marble is a special stone with incredible color and pattern possibilities. Across the globe, it is highly revered and has been used to create stunning architecture and sculptures for centuries. Most famously, Renaissance Italy was known for its obsession with this beautiful stone, and the eras most well-regarded artists regularly used it to bring life to their reconstructions of the human form.

    Excitingly, many of his works are still around today, supporting the knowledge that marble is a durable and hardwearing material. Its resistance to temperature means that it is capable of weathering freeze-thaw conditions on external applications, but also keeping its cool during the hot months.

    Creating a creamy, understated look, these tiles have been honed. This is a process that involves removing any texture from its surface, including bumps, ridges, and any imperfections. The tiles are totally smooth, with a matte, satin-like texture.

    This finish is ideal for those who are wanting a more functional tile, for example for use as flooring. Where a polished finish is incredibly slippery, especially when wet, a honed finish offers an additional level of traction. This means there is a slight slip resistance, making it suitable for use as bathroom and hallway flooring - areas of the home that are prone to dampness.

    Furthermore, a honed finish is slightly less maintenance than a polished finish, especially when used for flooring. Often, a polished tile will lose its shine and require a regular buffing. A honed finish is meant to be matte, and therefore wear and tear cannot dull its face.

    As one of Italy's finest marbles, Serpeggiante Light gives your home a luxurious edge. Its horizontal lines can be used to create the feeling of space or installed vertically, can add height to your interior. Pair it with light creams and whites for a simple and sleek design, or incorporate rich purples, navy blues, or cinnamon reds for an opulent style.