Tan Brown Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Dark gray-blue bedrock with large garnet crystals

  • Consistent granular pattern

  • Super durable and hardwearing

  • Suitable for flooring, walls, countertops, and more

  • Polished finish for a classic glossy sheen

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Product Info

    Tan Brown granite is made up of a collection of beautiful red-brown garnets. These large crystals form the basis of its classic granite pattern, nestled amongst a bedrock of dark gray, nearing blue, stone. This is an incredibly versatile stone. Its pattern is fairly consistent, and while each tile will have its own unique density of garnets, the overall effect is a constant granular pattern. It also boasts the perfect color palette for pairing with a wide variety of designs. Whether you're looking for a cool-toned style or something with warmer notes, Tan Brown granite will blend seamlessly.

    Granite is created by molten rock beneath the earth's surface. As this liquid stone rises up, it reaches cooler temperatures, solidifying to form a hardened rock. It is this cooling process that causes the formation of crystals that granite is so famous for.

    As one of the most durable stones on the market, Tan Brown granite is a great investment material. Its incredible density means it is resistant to scratches and is therefore capable of installation in a vast number of locations. From flooring in kitchens and hallways to countertops and vanities, granite is a great option for those who want a resilient stone.

    These tiles come with a glossy polished finish. This is perhaps the most popular granite finish on the market; highly prized for its design advantages. The surface of the tile is totally smooth with a mirror-like sheen. It is achieved by removing the top layer of the tile's surface, buffing continuously until the desired effect is created.

    A polished finish enhances the stone's natural colors, ensuring a more clarified pattern. The red-brown garnets are intensified, while the dark gray bedrock is deepened. This is a beautiful effect that maximizes the stone's impact.

    Furthermore, the mirror-like surface is praised for its ability to make a room feel spacious and bright. Light is reflected across the room, creating a design that feels larger than life. This is ideal for those with small bathrooms and kitchens, but also for those who simply prefer a bright and airy space.

    Tan Brown granite is ideal for adding a subtle hint of color to a vast array of designs. It creates the perfect contrast for light and bright kitchen cupboards, giving your home the design flair that is simply not achieved by man-made materials.

    Use it to create flooring, countertops, or backsplashes, and pair with gray or navy for a contemporary, moody design, or keep it classic with white or neutral tones.