Thassos White Extra Marble Tile - Polished

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  • Pure, cool-toned white marble

  • No veins

  • Ideal for countertops, backsplashes, walls, flooring, and more

  • Durable stone

  • Exquisite polished finish

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Product Info

    A pure crystalline white, our Thassos White Extra Marble tiles will bring a sense of tranquillity to your home. Free from any veining, they are the most perfect white that nature can provide. Cool toned, just like snowy ice caps, they seem a world away from the heat and warmth of their namesake, the beautiful Greek island of Thassos.

    How is it that this sun-drenched land can produce such a pure stone? That is the mystery of Mother Nature. But what is known is how you can use this mystical marble to transform your interior into a place of luxurious serenity.

    Marble is famed for its beauty, but also for its incredible durability. In Renaissance Italy, this classic stone was used to bring sculptures to life, its purity resembling that of human skin. But even more interestingly, it was often used for external architectural applications to create grandiose constructions that will weather the storm. Marble is incredibly heat resistant, meaning it can stay cool in even the warmest climates and resist freezing temperatures with ease. If properly cared for, marble tiles will last for decades, providing you with a great investment in your interior design.

    This luxurious stone deserves a finish that will display its elegance and beauty. Therefore, these tiles have a polished finish. This highly refined effect is created by buffing the stone until a stunning glossy shine is revealed. The process can remove up to 1mm of the tile's surface, but the result is magnificent. That bright white coloring is enhanced to its full potential, reflecting the light just like a mirror. It will give your home the bright and airy design you've been searching for, with a gorgeous luminosity that simply cannot be rivaled.

    A polished finish is ideal for feature decorations such as backsplashes, walls, and countertops, giving your home a sophisticated design edge. However, it is also suitable for flooring in all areas of a home.

    If you're searching for a pure white natural stone, you really cannot get any more exquisite than Thassos White marble. While porcelain may be able to recreate a brilliant white color, marble's slight translucency gives it an ethereal look, as if the stone has a long history that will never truly be known.

    Use it to create stunning bathroom walls and you'll have yourself a fresh and bright interior that will feel totally serene. Pair it with a traditional roll top bathtub and sink for an effortlessly chic look. Thassos White Extra looks beautiful teamed with almost any hue on the color spectrum, so the design possibilities are truly endless.