Tropical Gold Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Warm golden color with gray flecks

  • Irregular pattern

  • Extremely durable material

  • Ideal for countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and more

  • Polished finish for a high-end look

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Product Info

    Warm golden flecks alongside hints of gray are what makes Tropical Gold granite so unique. Its pattern is like tiny pebbles at the bottom of a coral reef, which is perhaps what gives this gorgeous stone its name. Super versatile, its warm and cool blended color palette pairs with a vast array of hues and styles. It has an irregular pattern and no two tiles will ever be the same, yet the granular, pebbled pattern can be seen throughout, with no harshly contrasting veins.

    Granite is one of the world's most durable materials. It has a dense structure which means it is incredibly resistant to scratches. This makes it ideal for countertops and vanities that are likely to experience a high level of wear and tear. It's also ideal for high traffic areas of the home such as hallways and kitchens, creating a superior design with an eye-catching and luxurious edge.

    Granite is also famous for its heat resistance. Not only is it good at keeping cool in hot climates, but a warm mug, plate, or pan should be no match for the stone. In fact, those with granite countertops, coasters, and placemats often remark on its extraordinary ability to resist the wear of daily life.

    If you're imagining a stunning granite kitchen with glossy surfaces and beautiful colors, there is no doubt that you have a polished finish in mind. This gorgeous effect is a product of continual buffing, a process that removes the top layer of the stone, creating a high shine.

    A polished finish is often favored for its light reflecting properties. The mirror-like surface bounces light from corner to corner, creating a bright, airy, and spacious room design. This is a look often preferred by those who have small bathrooms or kitchens but also works great for those with a large room wanting to maximize their feeling of space.

    Tropical Gold granite is incredibly versatile. Its warm golden color looks great paired with neutral colored walls and kitchen cupboards. Alternatively, for a super contemporary look, take hints from its cool tones with a gray kitchen, white walls, and chrome accessories, a modern design with a classic natural stone edge.

    In a bathroom setting, Tropical Gold granite makes the perfect shower wall or bathtub backsplash. Add a simple white bathroom suite to let this gorgeous stone do all the talking. Add your favorite scented candles and ethically sourced cotton towels for a sumptuous place to kick back and relax.