Turco Classico Vein Cut Travertine Tile - Polished

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2 sqft per tile.

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  • Cream and beige layered effect

  • Non-uniform design

  • Ideal for flooring, walls, countertops, and more

  • Vein cut for a lined pattern

  • Polished finish creating a glossy sheen

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Product Info

    Our Turco Classico Travertine tiles have a beautiful beige and cream layered pattern. Their neutral color palette is timeless; ideal for creating magnificent designs that will always be on trend. Their horizontal stripes create a contemporary looking design that is totally unique. This look is formed by cutting the stone against its layers, known in the stone trade as 'vein cut'. Use it to maximize the feeling of space within your interior by lengthening countertops and heightening ceilings with its lined effect. Universally loved the world over, your Turco Classico Travertine tiles will never fall out of fashion.

    But just as important as lasting style, is quality and durability. Travertine has been used to create stunning interior designs and even external constructions for centuries, providing us with some of the world's most long-standing structures. Its strength and resilience have been proved time and time again, making it ideal for even the most bustling of home environments.

    Travertine tiles are suitable for flooring in all areas of the home, including kitchens and hallways where wear and tear are highly likely. It also makes a great bathroom wall tile or kitchen backsplash, offering incredible style in a relaxing environment.

    These Turco Classico tiles have a polished finish, a refined effect capable of lifting the design to a new level of elegance. This is one of the most labor-intensive finishes, but the result is stunning. The creamy tiles appear glossy and reflective, just like a mirror, with a brilliant shine that will bring light and vibrancy to your new interior.

    A polished finish boasts many superior design advantages. Unlike most of the other finishes on the market, this gorgeous sheen brightens the stone's coloring, highlighting the cream veins and creating a stunning contrast for the enriched beige tones. There is no doubt that it brings out the best in tile's design, making it ideal for those looking for exquisite clarity in their natural stone.

    Furthermore, if you're searching for a style that will maximize the feeling of space within a room, a polished finish is ideal. Its glossy surface bounces light around the room, adding depth to its design. Whether you have a small bathroom or kitchen or are looking for a style that will utilize the space effectively, a polished finish works perfectly.

    Turco Classico travertine is elegant and timeless in every way. Its neutral coloring will always be on trend, creating a warm and cozy environment wherever it is laid. The vein cut look adds a unique design element, creating the perfect contrast for a crisp white bathroom suite, matte kitchen cupboards, and painted walls. Give your home the classically beautiful look you've been hoping for, with Turco Classic Travertine tiles.