Verde Aquamarine Marble Tile - Polished

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  • Creamy colored stone with a delicate green undertone

  • Irregular and defined veining

  • Durable material, suitable for both interior and exterior application

  • Ideal for flooring, walls, countertops, and more

  • Polished finish for a brilliant shine

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    More varied than its name suggests, Verde Aquamarine marble is a creamy colored stone with a delicate sage green hue. It has perfectly clarified, straight veins that jut in every direction. Its pattern is mostly irregular, with erratic, non-uniform veining. This exquisite stone combines the uniqueness of a natural rock, with the subtle, almost artisanal style of a high-end material.

    Marble is known for its incredible beauty, but what is largely overlooked is its incredible durability. It is temperature resistant, and therefore it is ideal for both hot and cold climates. In the summer months, it will stay cool while being more than capable of handling the heat of a hot plate or mug. This means it is ideal for countertops, vanities, and other working surfaces, but also for external applications.

    When you imagine your ideal marble kitchen or bathroom, it's likely that you are picturing the stunning effect achieved by a polished finish.

    Marble is similar to limestone in its construction, created by layers of mineral build up over potentially thousands of years. However, where marble differs from its sedimentary cousin, is that it undergoes an alteration process that gives it the ability to create a brilliant shine when refined in the finishing process.

    These tiles come with the very glossy sheen that marble is so famous for. This is created by buffing the stone's smooth surface until the desired effect is achieved. There are a number of design benefits that come with this look, most notably perhaps, is the effect it has on the stone's coloring. A polished finish clarifies the stone's color palette, refining each vein and brightening its creamy green bedrock. This gives it a superior design advantage when compared to a honed or brushed tile, as these finishes often mute the tile's hue.

    Furthermore, a glossy tile is highly reflective, creating a light and airy interior that feels larger than life. This is ideal for those looking to build a beautiful bright design or even those with a small kitchen or bathroom who need to maximize the feeling of space.

    Verde Aquamarine marble is ideal for creating a wide range of designs. Its delicate green hue is subtle enough to team with an array of styles, including both modern and traditional looks, as well as a variety of colors.

    For a light and bright kitchen with a color twist, use Verde Aquamarine marble as your flooring tiles. Pair with white kitchen cabinets and a mint green backsplash. Your home will feel fresh and exciting.